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  • 10 DC Dog Parks That Your Dog Will Love

    by Katlyn Kohler

    A picture of a dog smiling and sitting on the grass with text over it that reads "10 DC Dog parks that you dog will love"

    Let your dog socialize and run free at one of our 10 favorite DC dog parks

    We love walking dogs around the DC area. There’s so much for your pup to see and smell in the neighborhoods. While we would never take your dog to a dog park without your permission, we do like to get to know them just in case. We checked out all the best that DC dog parks have to offer and we’re ready to tell you all about them.

    Before you head out, read our tips for a great day at the dog park.

    Here’s our top 10 dog parks in no particular order:

    1. Langdon Dog Park
    2. Swampoodle Dog Park
    3. Bundy Dog Park
    4. Shaw Dog Park
    5. S. Street Dog Park
    6. Newark Dog Park
    7. Virgina Ave. Dog Park
    8. Kingsman Field Dog Park
    9. Shirlington Dog Park
    10.  Columbia Heights Dog Park

    Langdon Dog Park


    Location: 2901 20th St NE Washington, DC 20018

    This gravel-lined dog park is fenced in and includes isolated areas for big and small dogs. There are poop bags available to help you clean up after your little guy or gal and plenty of trash cans as well. There is also a water fountain for when your pup runs too much and needs a drink. Hang out on one of the benches while your dog makes new friends!

    Swampoodle Dog Park


    Location: 3rd and L St NE Washington, DC 20002

    This is a brand new park for the dogs of NOMA and surrounding areas! This unusual name was voted on by the community. There’s plenty of space for dogs to run and play. Unlike many other dog parks in DC Swampoodle park is all turf and has some fun obstacles for dogs to play on. This park is beautiful and clean, with areas for kids and adults as well. We’re sure this park will prove itself as one of the great DC dog parks.

    Bundy Dog Park


    Location: 470 P St NW Washington, DC 20001

    If your dog loves to run, they’ll love this turf-lined dog park. The AstroTurf won’t get your dog muddy or dusty so it’s a great park to come to if it’s raining outside but you still want to socialize. The Bundy Dog Park in the Shaw neighborhood is one of the longest in DC. It’s the perfect place to play fetch or for those dogs who have lots of energy to burn. There are poop bags available for easy cleanup but there’s no water fountain, so make sure you bring your own water! Also keep in mind that it’s one open area as opposed to separate enclosures for different sizes of dogs.

    Shaw Dog Park


    Location: 1651 11th St NW Washington, DC 20001

    This gravel-lined park is spacious and fun for dogs of all sizes. With separate enclosures, the big and the little guys have their own areas to play in. There’s even a tent for the smaller dog area when it gets hot in the summer. A water fountain and poop bags are also available for the dogs to utilize.

    S. Street Dog Park


    Location: S St at 17th St NW Washington, DC 20009

    This is another great AstroTurf option for a less messy dog park experience. This park even offers wading pools for the dogs in the summer time! There are plenty of poop bags to help keep the park clean. The S. St Dog Park can get quite busy during early evening hours, but is well worth the fun. Similar to Bundy Dog Park, this park does not have separate play areas so keep a mindful eye on the little ones. You can grab a seat on one of their many benches with your pup plays.

    Newark Street Dog Park


    Location: 39th St NW and Newark St NW Washington, DC 20016

    This gravel-lined dog park has all the typical amenities including poop bags, trash cans, and benches. There’s also a water fountain and shaded areas within the enclosure for hot doggos to cool off under. This park includes separate areas for big and small dogs as well to keep play fun and safe.

    Virginia Ave. Dog Park

    Location: 900-1098 L St SE Washington, DC 20003

    This dog park has plenty of grass for your best friend to run and play in. There’s water to share with the pups as well as trees to provide some shade when it’s hot. It’s spacious so there’s room to run and exercise.

    Kingsman Field Dog Park

    Location: D St NE & Tennessee Ave NE Washington, DC 20002

    This gravel-lined park has a large and small dog enclosure for safe play. There is a water fountain, but it isn’t on year-round so be sure to bring your own water just in case. This park tends to flood and get muddy when it rains so keep an eye on the weather. It’s a popular one of the DC dog parks so come ready to make a friend.

    Shirlington Dog Park


    Location: 2710 S Oakland St Arlington, VA 22206

    Shirlington dog park is by far the biggest in the entire DC metro area and easily spans the length of several football fields. If you have a puppy, Shirlington Dog Park is a great place to bring them! There’s a puppy-specific enclosure where they can learn to socialize with other puppies. There is, of course, a grown-up dog area too with plenty of poop bags and trash cans to keep it clean. If your dog is a swimmer, than Shirlington dog park is a must visit with a stream for water-loving dogs to play in, just keep an eye on them. Knowing dogs will get wet and dirty at Shirlington, the park even as an adjacent and very convenient self-wash station. It doesn’t hurt that there is a dog friendly brewery right next door as well!

    Columbia Heights Dog Park


    Location: 11th and Park Rd NW Washington, DC 20010

    This dirt-lined park is spacious but does not have separate enclosures for big and small dogs so keep that in mind. Make sure to bring your own water, too, as there is none at the park. Otherwise, it’s a great place to let your dog play freely with a lot of space.


    Looking for a dog park in New York, DC or Philly? We’ve got you covered there too.

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