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  • 20 Dog Friendly Restaurants NYC is Home To

    by Katlyn Kohler

    Bars and Coffee Shops too!

    Being a dog owner in the city can be hard to navigate if you’re unsure where you can and cannot take your pooch. Understanding your options is key to planning a day out with your dog. Luckily, New York City is home to plenty of dog friendly choices so you’ll always have a place to hang out. Check out 20 of our favorite dog friendly restaurants NYC is home to, broken down into restaurants, bars, and coffee shops:

    1.  Boat Basin
    2. Cookshop
    3. Shake Shack
    4. Baruto
    5. Five Leaves
    6. Habana Outpost
    7. Pig Beach
    8. Buttermilk Channel
    9. Barking Dog
    10.  George and Jack
    11.  LIC Bar
    12.  d.b.a.
    13.  Lucky Dog
    14.  duckduck
    15.  Do or Dive Bar
    16.  Five Burroughs Brewing
    17.  Von
    18.  The Bean
    19.  Cafe Grumpy
    20.  Sweetleaf
    A New York skyline with a blue tint over it, the text introduces the restaurants section of the article
    There are so many dog friendly restaurants NYC residents love

    Out with your dog and looking for a bite? Check out one these dog friendly restaurants NYC residents love:

    Boat Basin

    Location: W 79th St. New York, NY 10024

    This cafe in the Upper West Side is a great spot for you and your dog to unwind in the summer while getting something to eat or drink. Built within the historic 79th Street Boat Basin, this casual restaurant feels upscale. Although isn’t open in the winter months, you’ll love it when it’s warm. If you and your pup enjoy a riverside view, the Boat Basin is the place to be.


    Location: 156 Tenth Ave New York, NY 10011

    While dogs may only be allowed on the patio at this restaurant, there’s plenty of room for the both of you! This Chelsea spot serves a mean brunch, so you and your pooch can chase away the Sunday Scaries together. This restaurant is also right near the High Line where you can walk off your meal when you’re finished.

    Shake Shack

    Location: Madison Square Park, Madison Ave. and 23rd St. New York, NY 10010

    In the mood for a burger and fries? Everyone knows and loves Shake Shack, but not all locations are dog friendly. Luckily, the Madison Square Park location in the Flatiron District is welcome to all. Enjoy a stroll through this picturesque park and then treat yourself to a black and white milkshake (or any of their milkshakes, really). This famous outdoor NY Shake Shack might even be worth the cold in the winter.


    Location: 775 Washington St. New York, NY 10014

    This West Village restaurant offers dog friendly seating to those willing to hang outside. When it’s nice out, they open up the garage doors and give the whole place an open-air feel. This spot boasts an impressive menu, so you’ll surely be able to find a dish or cocktail that suits you. Despite the busy neighborhood, this dog friendly patio is a calm spot in the area.

    Five Leaves

    Location: 18 Bedford Ave. Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11222

    If you and your pooch are proud Brooklynites, there are still plenty of dog friendly restaurants for you to enjoy including Five Leaves in Greenpoint. This is a hot spot in the neighborhood, so you might want to prepare for a wait, especially since dogs can only sit outside. Luckily, McCarren Park is right across the street so you can play a round of fetch while you wait.

    Habana Outpost

    Location: 757 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY 11217

    This Fort-Greene Cuban restaurant has a huge outdoor area for you and your dog. It’s cash only, but the margaritas are worth the ATM fee. The patio is colorful and bright, making it a fun spot for the summer. If you’re looking for a dog friendly spot in Brooklyn, Habana Outpost is a great place to start.

    Pig Beach

    Location: 480 Union St. Brooklyn, NY 11231

    In the mood for barbecue? Head to Gowanus and hit up Pig Beach. This restaurant also has a huge outdoor area where dogs, kids, and adults can all spend time. Don’t worry about it getting too hot to hang in the summer as they have a great variety of frozen drinks.

    Buttermilk Channel

    Location: 524 Court St. Brooklyn, NY 11231

    Buttermilk Channel get its name from the mile-long straight between Brooklyn and Governor’s Island where dairy farmers used to travel to sell milk in Manhattan. This Carroll Gardens spot gets pretty busy, but is worth the wait for an alfresco table for you and your dog. We heard a rumor that Beyoncé ate there with her family and approved of their fried chicken, so it’s worth a try.

    Barking Dog

    Location: 1678 Third Ave. New York, NY 10128

    This Upper East Side is a big fan of dogs, hence the name. Their dog friendly patio has plenty of space for you and your pooch and includes doggie water fountains so that you can both enjoy a drink. They’re best known for their brunch, so text your other dog owner friends to meet you there on a Saturday or Sunday.

    A New York skyline with a blue tint over it, the text introduces the bars section of the article
    There are plenty of bars in NYC that are dog friendly as well

    In the mood for a drink? These bars welcome you and your dog:

    George and Jack’s Tap Room

    Location: 103 Berry St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

    George and Jack’s is a Williamsburg favorite among dog lovers. They’re known for having one of the best happy hours in Brooklyn. You’ll always find a reasonably priced beer here. Being able to bring your pup only adds to the fun of this dog friendly NYC dive bar.

    LIC Bar

    Location: 45-58 Vernon Blvd. Long Island City, NY 11101

    Queen’s hottest neighborhood is home to LIC Bar. They keep it old school here with no trademarked drinks (don’t worry, there’s still a full bar) and original decor still in tact. If you’re looking for something classic among the trendy, bring your dog to Queens.


    Location: 41 1st Ave. New York, NY 10003

    New Yorkers love this East Village bar that happily encourages you to bring your dog. Though there’s a back patio for the warmer months, dogs are always welcome indoors as well making it a popular spot year-round. They have no food but they make up for it with a wide variety of beers and drinks.

    Lucky Dog

    Location: 303 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Another dog friendly bar offered to Williamsburg residents is Lucky Dog. Owned by the same team behind George and Jack’s, it’s no wonder that this bar also caters to dogs. This bar features an indoor and an outdoor area for you and your pooch to enjoy. Grab a beer-and-shot combo and settle in for a night out with your pup.


    Location: 161 Montrose Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11206

    This cash only bar is a favorite with Bushwick residents. Your dog can lay at your feet while you enjoy a signature cocktail or a happy hour beer. They love their regulars and we’re sure they’ll love you and your dog too.

    Do or Dive Bar

    Location: 1108 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11216

    If you love dive bars (and dogs), you can’t go wrong with Do or Dive Bar. Located in Bed-Stuy, this tacky bar’s signature drink is a frozen coffee cocktail that you’ve got to try. Don’t let the tough vibe fool you, this bar is human and dog friendly.

    Five Burroughs Brewing

    Location: 215 47th St. Brooklyn, NY 11220

    Enjoy a flight of Five Burroughs’ own beers freshly brewed at their Sunset Park location. This bar doesn’t have an outdoor patio, making it one of the few dog friendly indoor spots NYC offers. Keep them in mind next time you’re with your pooch and it’s too rainy or cold to sit outside somewhere.


    Location: 3 Bleecker St. New York, NY 10012

    Enjoy a glass of wine at this East Village dog friendly bar. The basement lounge can get a little crowded, but there’s always room for you and your pup upstairs. They also have a selection of Eurobeers, if you’re into that.

    A New York skyline with a blue tint over it, the text introduces the coffee shops section of the article
    Bring your dog with you to any of these dog friendly New York coffee shops

    Looking for a cup of coffee on your morning walk? There are still plenty of dog friendly options in the Big Apple:

    The Bean

    Location: Multiple! Click here to view locations.

    Whether you’re just starting your day or posting up to work for a while, The Bean is a great dog friendly option so that you don’t have to leave your little guy at home. With locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, you have multiple choices to try. Enjoy free wifi and a homemade pastry while you’re there.

    Cafe Grumpy

    Location: Multiple! Click here to view locations.

    Another dog friendly coffee shop with multiple options is Cafe Grumpy. Despite the name, they’re happy to have you and your dog come in for a cup of Joe. We know the best part of working from home is hanging with your dog, but now you can bring him or her to your coffee shop office too.


    Location: Multiple! Check here to view locations.

    With locations in Queens and Brooklyn, Sweetleaf is another dog friendly option for coffee. They have benches out front as well as dog treats inside to share with your four-legged friend. Challenge yourself to try something new, as you might enjoy some of their specialty drinks.

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