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  • 3 Things to Look For When Considering Pet Friendly Apartments in DC

    by Andrew Borgschulte

    In addition to being the nation’s capital, Washington, DC is also one of the most pet friendly cities in the country and home to many pet friendly apartments. No matter the neighborhood or time of day, it is always easy to spot our four-legged friends being led around (or maybe doing the leading themselves) on their walks.

    While it is great to take your pup out for a stroll, another important factor of being a pet owner here in the District is finding a place to live that fits both you and your pet’s needs. This post highlights three key factors to look for when choosing a pet friendly apartment in DC.

    Boston terrier laying on a bed.

    Fees, deposits and breed restrictions

    A truly pet friendly apartment will make it easy and affordable for owners to have their animal as their new, furry roommate. You should expect to pay a slightly higher deposit or a monthly fee to house an animal that may cause damage to the unit. However, your landlord or management company should be willing to work with you depending on the length of your lease and breed/size of your pet.

    As we all know, rent is very expensive here in DC and pet friendly apartments are no exception. Any burdensome fees or stipulations may not be worth the additional cost or may stretch the total cost beyond your budget. That being said, many places are willing to work with responsible pet owners to find a compromise.

    The other financial consideration is how much the additional fees are in comparison to the pet friendly amenities offered on site. For example, you can expect to pay higher fees at a large complex like City Market at O, however, they provide many onsite amenities specifically for pet owners. That leads us to our next topic, the amenities themselves.

    Golden doodle on a dog bed in an apartment unit.

    Breed Restrictions

    Unfortunately, not all complexes or landlords allow each and every breed of dog. This is something that is a big consideration if you have a large breed or one that is considered traditionally aggresive or dangerous.

    Here again however, we recommend trying to work with your potenial landlord and even going so far as to bring your pet to the complex (with their permission of course) to show how easygoing your furry friend can be.

    Onsite Amenities

    As DC continues to grow and new buildings go up seemingly daily, there are several buildings that cater specifically to be pet friendly apartments in DC. This can include dog parks, dog washing stations, or simply plenty of waste disposal areas to keep your community clean.

    One of the most desired perks is an onsite dog park. Not only do you have a safe place to let out your dog anytime, day or night, it also allows your pup a chance to meet so many new friends! Most dogs are extremely social and love to play. As an added bonus, this is a great way for you to meet some new human friends! Many complexes will even have “Yappy Hour” type events where drinks and snacks are served for both pets and their owners.

    Another highly desired amenity is a dog washing station. If you’ve ever tried to wash a large dog in a normal tub, then you know why this is a great perk. Besides the convenience, it can also save you some cash by not having to drop your good boy or girl off at a professional groomer.

    Technology-based dog walking services are something that has been a recent addition to this list of amenities in pet friendly apartments in DC. With a couple of taps on your smartphone, you can have a trained and vetted walker to give your pet the exercise they need, even when your busy schedule gets in the way.

    All dog walking services are not created equal, however and for both your peace of mind and the safety of your pet, it is important to make sure the service provides reliable walkers who can work with both you and your pet to make sure everyone is happy.

    Find Your Pet Friendly DC Apartment!

    Now that we’ve outlined a few key areas of focus, it’s time to get out there and find an awesome place to live for you and your pet! While you’re out apartment hunting, stop into one of these dog friendly restaurants in DC for a break.

    Of course, if you also need a reliable service to take care of your dog when life gets in the way (and let’s be honest, who in this crazy city doesn’t), sign up for Barkly Pets to learn more and to meet a walker in your new neighborhood.

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