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  • 5 Dog Walker Training Courses to Improve Your Credentials

    by David Comiskey

    At Barkly, we are committed to helping dog walkers learn as much about pet care as possible. That’s why we’ve released five free dog walker training courses to help our walkers improve their skills. Apply to be a Barkly walker in your city today to access these free courses.

    A Barkly dog walker taking a selfie with a yellow lab.

    1. Grow Your Dog Walking Business

    Starting a dog walking business is not an easy task. Our most basic course helps dog walkers start their pet care business. In this course, walkers learn how to promote their services, gain new customers, and keep those customers happy by providing amazing experiences.

    2. Dog Harness Training

    Dog safety should be the number one priority for every dog walker. We take harness knowledge very seriously at Barkly. Dog walkers learn about each common harness type in our Harness Training course. Beyond simply gaining familiarity, walkers also learn how to ensure they’ve properly secured the harness before taking a customer’s dog out for a walk.

    3. Positive Reinforcement Training

    Positive reinforcement is universally accepted as the best method of dog training. In this course, walkers learn how to use positive reinforcement training with customers’ dogs. This course goes over positive reinforcement basics, and teaches our walkers a way to bond with their customer’s pet, in addition to teaching them good manners.

    4. Handling Aggressive Dogs

    As a dog walker, you will sometimes encounter dogs that are timid or aggressive. To be successful as a dog walker, it is important to master how to handle pets that are showing fear or aggression. In our Handling Aggressive Dogs training, you will learn how to manage common aggression behaviors. You’ll also learn the body language indicators to be aware of, and how to stay safe while on dog walks.

    5. Feline Fundamentals Training

    Many dog walkers will also offer cat services. In our Feline Fundamentals training course, we teach our walkers how to keep their client’s cat comfortable and happy during their visits. As a dog walker, you may not be too familiar with cats. You will learn more about a cat’s body language, and how to “speak cat” in this course.

    Barkly offers cat sitting as well as dog walking. Here is a photo of a Barkly cat sitter.

    Are you interested in taking any of these dog walker training courses to improve your pet care credentials? Apply to be a Barkly dog walker today!

    Or perhaps, you’re looking for a dog walker who already has these certifications? Sign up and browse walker profiles in your area to discover walkers who have earned badges for these courses.

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