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  • AnimalBiome Update: Mr. Darcy’s Gut-Check

    by Chris Gonzalez

    About six months ago, I wrote a post detailing my one dog Mr. Darcy, and his challenges with digestive issues:

    “He had loose stool that eventually turned into diarrhea, and then eventually turned into bloody diarrhea. He became lethargic, and despite weeks of various treatments, exams, and even an ultrasound, our veterinarian was unable to pinpoint the cause. He was given a regimen of antibiotics, steroids, and prescription food to combat the digestive issues, and while they helped, they took a toll on him physically and made him ravenous for food.”

    Mr. Darcy on a Riverside Park walk this summer.

    I ordered AnimalBiome‘s Doggy Kit to sample and analyze Mr. Darcy’s gut bacteria from a stool sample. The kit came quickly, and contained everything I needed to take two samples and mail it back to AnimalBiome for sequencing. I waited a few weeks for AnimalBiome to complete the analysis before I was able to view Mr. Darcy’s results via their handy online app. You can see Mr. Darcy’s results here. Unsurprisingly, given his condition at the time, Mr. Darcy did not have the diverse gut bacteria characteristic of healthy dogs.

    Soon after taking the initial sample from Mr. Darcy, I began giving him AnimalBiome’s Gut Microbiome Restoration Supplement for Dogs. It’s their proprietary, all natural product designed for dogs with chronic diarrhea, vomiting, and digestive issues.

    Mr. Darcy’s results before and after the Gut Microbiome Restoration Supplement

    Mr. Darcy’s symptoms quickly improved, and over the course of the treatment, completely disappeared. After finishing the supplement regimen, I used the Doggy Kit to send the second sample to AnimalBiome for sequencing. The second analysis reaffirmed what we were seeing in his daily “number twos.” You can see the second sequencing analysis here.

    Mr. Darcy has been living his best life since turning the corner from the digestive issues that were plaguing him for months. We gradually reintroduced kibble into his diet, and continue to blend it with all-natural wet food that so far has helped keep him regular and healthy.

    If your dog is experiencing digestive issues, and you’re seeking an all-natural solution, look no further than AnimalBiome. Their analysis kit will give you insight into your dog’s digestive system and their restoration supplement is a natural way to restore your dog’s digestive system to a normal state. They also have a line of feline products for any household cats experiencing similar digestive issues.

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