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  • Feature on a Feature – Barkly Pets Custom Checklists

    by David Comiskey

    Today we are launching our new Custom Checklists in the Barkly Pets app. These checklists allow you to quickly compile a to-do list for your walker. Everyone has their own routine with their pet, and a custom checklist will allow us to further personalize your visit with your walker checking every box before closing your appointment. We will be sure to obsess over every detail, and never miss a pill pocket, frozen kong, or specific time request for your dog’s walk.

    With the launch of checklists, we have entirely revamped the final booking screening to ensure you can easily customize your appointments. Your preset notes will still be available in the Additional Notes section, and there is a new separate section dedicated to home access information. Here, you can store your lockbox code, alarm instructions, and other detailed information about your lockbox location, side doors, or other entry instructions. And finally, a Summary and Price section will transparently summarize the booking, prices and total.

    Peace of Mind After Every Walk

    The value of custom checklists doesn’t end once your walks have been booked. In addition to your post walk note and puparazzi photo, your walk report will now also show you each item of your  checklist marked as complete. You can now rest easy knowing for certain that every instruction was followed.

    Our Custom Checklists join a growing list of unique features in the Barkly Pets app that keeps you in total control of your pet care and allows personalization like never before.

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