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  • Barkly Pets Partners with Fetch My Pet

    by Chris Gonzalez

    We’re thrilled to be partnering with Fetch Labs, creators of the free Fetch My Pet app. Their technology brings your pet’s life into a truly digital network for pet identity, services and safety. Some of their key features include reporting a pet missing and/or found via their Rover Alert system, the ability to store and share veterinary records, retrieve reminders and connect pet owners with pet related things to do in their local neighborhoods. Once you register your pet be sure to check out their Pet Shop for Barkly Pets deals exclusive to Fetch My Pet users and others from partners like The Farmer’s Dog. We look forward to sharing more updates as our partnership grows with this exciting pet technology company! iPhone users can download the app here You can also sign up on their website, www.fetchmypet.com for updates on when the Android version is released.

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