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    by Talley Lattimore

    With the election coming quickly, we here at Barkly decided to consult man’s best friends and see what issues were important to them this year. We interviewed several Barkly pets and heard about wide variety of pressing issues. Here are the results!

    Buddy hasn’t found the right candidate yet.

    Buddy, Golden Retriever, Crystal City, Arlington — I think traditional values have been missing from this election. I mean, whatever happened to the timeless qualities such as family, loyalty, civility, and fitting an excessive number of tennis balls into their mouth. Those are what I look for in a candidate and I just haven’t seen it.

    Buster longs for the simplicity of yesteryear

    Buster, Bulldog, Center City, Philadelphia — Kids these days are all just moving too fast. I just miss the good old days when a toy would last forever (even if the squeaker didn’t) and life was just a pup, his best friend, and naps… lots of naps. Nowadays, these millennials need a new gadget every week just to keep themselves busy.

    Photo Credit: Image by Herepup
    Puggington Bear sees trade as a unique issue in 2016

    Puggington Bear, Pug, H Street, DC — I’ve been fascinated by the resurgence of trade as political issue that cuts across traditional political divides. All of the sudden NAFTA, and its complex, often misunderstood, impact on the US economy has become a key issue again. Outsider candidates from both parties tapped into a wellspring of populist opposition to open trade, while more mainstream candidates have struggled to articulate a clear defense of it. I look forward to seeing how this issue continues to evolve after the election.

    Tom, well Tom doesn’t like much

    Tom, Cat, Locust Point, Baltimore — I hate both candidates… and you. Tim Kaine seems nice though!

    Winter worries about hot summers

    Winter, Husky, Petworth, DC — As a husky in DC, I am living on the front lines of global warming. I just don’t know how many of these hot summers I can take anymore, though I do enjoy a nice ice bath.

    Steve’s just ready for it all to be over

    Steve, Boston Terrier, Upper East Side, New York City — Just please tell my owner to stop leaving CNN on when they leave. I cannot wait for this election to be over.

    We feel you Steve, we feel you.

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