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  • Feature on a Feature — Changing Your Dog Walk Length and Instructions

    by Chris Gonzalez

    Feature on a Feature — Changing Your Dog Walk Length and Instructions

    Just over a year ago we released V1.0 of our iOS and Android apps enabling a mobile-first pet care experience. Once released, we relied heavily on our users’ feedback to improve the pet care experience by delivering new features, updating the interface, and increasing our information sharing and communication.

    As a small team, we were able to move quickly to respond to feedback, but we didn’t always communicate our changes to users well. We realized over the past year that many users were reaching out to us asking for features already built. In order to highlight some of the useful tools that we built into our dog walking app, we are starting a new blog series, Feature on a Feature.

    Updating your walk length and instructions

    Whether it’s exceptionally sunny or a downpour, we made it easy to shorten or lengthen walks you have already booked in a few taps. We also made it simple to edit or update any of the instructions users leave for their dog walkers.

    Users can view all of their booked visits via the Schedule from the menu. When users tap a specific visit that they are given the option to cancel or edit. When selecting edit, users can update their instructions and change the length of time.

    Simple flow to update your walk length or instructions. Disclaimer: This is a sample — we do not walk George W. Bush’s dogs

    Our system automatically notifies the specific dog walker assigned to that booking that it has been updated, so they know to check the app and read the new instructions. We placed these and other safeguards ensuring that our users’ updated requests are met.

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