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  • Dog Walker Salary: What to Expect

    by Andrew Borgschulte

    If you love dogs (and who doesn’t), being a dog walker can not only be a fun way to meet some new four-legged friends but a great way to earn some serious money. So what can a dog walker expect as a salary? Let’s find out.

    Like any profession, location is a key component here. In large, expensive cities like New York or Washington, DC the average hourly pay can often be around $25. That can add up quick: if you walk for 20 hours per week, that’s an extra $2,000 per month.

    A dog walker managing their business from a lap top with a golden retriever next to them. Figuring out a dog walker's salary is a challenge for many in the industry.

    Full Time vs. Part Time

    Many professional dog walkers have taken advantage of app-based services to pick up a few walks here and there to earn extra money, in a very similar way to an Uber driver or Postmates delivery person. On thing to keep in mind when evaluating using one of these companies to become a walker is their service fees. Some dog walking apps take heavy fees from each walk which can significantly limit the amount you can earn walking dogs.

    On the other hand, there is an opportunity for full time work if you are committed to the industry and have undergone some basic training. Pet owners treat their dogs like their children, and you wouldn’t leave your child alone with someone unqualified, right? That’s why we do things a little different here at Barkly Pets.

    Many dog walkers have turned their “side gig” into a real business, and the dog walking business is booming. With more and more millennials and urbanites getting dogs, there are a seemingly endless supply of clients, many of whom are looking for a qualified professional to take care of their pup when they can’t. Handling all of the ins and outs of being a small business can be extremely tricky, however.

    Which is why at Barkly Pets, we handle all the not so fun stuff like insurance, payment, solving disputes, and communicating with clients. When all of the administrative headaches are handled for you, all you have to do is be a great team member and enjoy your new dog walker salary!

    Skills Needed to Be a Great Dog Walker

    It’s important to understand what to expect before beginning any job, so we laid out a simple list of desired skills for people who work with dogs:

    • Understanding of basic obedience techniques
    • Using positive reinforcement and reward systems
    • Using proper voice commands
    • Basic grooming techniques
    • Maintains high expectations of themselves
    • Ability to recognize behavioral signals or signs of distress
    • Exudes professionalism at all times
    • Handles stressful situations well
    A cockapoo on a leash. As a dog walker, there are many skills needed to be successful.

    How to Become a Barkly Pets Dog Walker

    Prior Experience – We look for walkers who are as obsessed as we are about pets and customer happiness. Are you a dog owner yourself? Have you volunteered at an animal shelter? Tell us what makes you the right person to join our pack.

    Extensive Vetting – Our walkers are professional, reliable, and trustworthy. You must be able to pass a criminal background check and pass an animal behavior assessment.

    Personalized Onboarding – Attend our walker academy to learn how to handle all situations that may arise as a dog walker. During onboarding, you will become familiar with our walker software, and undergo a background check before you can complete the process.

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