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  • Feature on a Feature — Browsing Neighborhood Walkers

    by Chris Gonzalez

    Today we’re launching our Featured Neighborhood Walkers view, which lets you quickly view available walkers in your neighborhood. You can view up to 5 walkers available in your neighborhood. You’ll also be able to view their detailed profiles which include their photos, ratings, and other information.

    See who’s available in your area in the app!

    We’re obsessed with finding, training, and empowering the most passionate pet-lovers to care for your dogs and cats, and this feature is an opportunity to showcase them. We’re following the same formula many companies do to attract the best talent — we offer industry-leading on-the-job medical insurance, career-enhancing training, and compensation so that dog walking isn’t just the best part of the job, it’s the best job period.

    The Featured Neighborhood Walkers view joins a growing list of tools that give you full transparency and the most trustworthy pet care experience available.

    We have exciting plans for additional features to roll out later this summer that will make it even easier for users to manage their preferred walkers, and have complete control over their Barkly Pets experience.

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