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  • Find the Perfect Dog Walker with Our New Discovery Tool – Feature on a Feature

    by Jim Camut

    We’re excited to launch the newest feature to our suite of in-app tools helping you personalize your pet care. With the “Discover Walkers” feature from the app menu, you can now find the perfect dog walker for you and your pet. It is here where you can manage your current favorite walkers and discover other walkers to add to your favorite walker list.


    The Discover Walkers feature is our latest effort to make information about your pet care providers more accessible and transparent. The new feature joins our “Featured Walkers” list on the app home screen and also a smaller update that allows you to tap on your walker’s name once they’ve confirmed your walk to see more information about them. Our dog walkers and cat sitters are among the very best in the industry and we want to highlight them for you!

    Learn More About Your Dog Walker

    The new tool is easy to use. Begin by navigating to the “Discover Walkers” walkers section of the app. When you arrive, it will curate a list of the best dog walkers in your neighborhood. You can search through the list to review walker bios and other information like ratings and general availability.

    When you find a few walkers who match your needs, tap “Add as Favorite.”  The tool makes it easy to drag and drop your favorites in the order you prefer they receive your walks. Don’t forget you can also add walkers to your favorite list right after they finish your pup’s walk as you’re rating them.

    You entrust us with the care of your family members. Earning your trust begins with transparency and honest communication. The Discovery tool is another step in our endless pursuit to honor that trust, and maintain our reputation as the highest quality dog walking service available.

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