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  • Helping Our Local Dog Walkers Find Affordable Health Insurance

    by Chris Gonzalez

    Dog’s are fun. Health care, on the other hand, isn’t always so easy.

    That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Stride, a company that helps you save time and money on insurance and taxes. They make it really easy to find the right coverage for you at the lowest possible prices, and help you get enrolled in 10 minutes or less.

    Here’s what you’ll get from our partnership with Stride:

    • A personalized recommendation for health insurance based on your preferred doctors, prescription drugs, and medical conditions
    • Access to more plans than the government exchanges (at the same price)
    • An easy way to estimate your income so you can save as much money as possible on your insurance payments
    • Tips on how to lower your health insurance bill with guidance from Stride’s blog and their award-winning Member Experience team
    • Support and answers to questions you might have during enrollment

    The good news: signing up is shorter than a Barkly Pets walk! You’ll answer a few questions on our exclusive Barkly Pets & Stride site, get a personalized recommendation, and get enrolled. Stride will help you make the right choices the whole way. Oh, and you’ll have access to year round phone, chat or email support.

    Why are we doing this? Simple: we’re really glad to have our walkers as part of the Barkly Pets community, and we want to be sure you and your loved ones have the coverage they need. We partnered with Stride to make that as easy for you as possible.

    Here’s to staying happy and health in 2019!

    Click here to begin exploring your options.

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