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    by Emily Bergquist
    Golden retriever puppies eat kibble.

    Taking care of a dog is more than just about taking them for walks and giving them hugs and kisses. Being a good dog owner is also about ensuring that they are healthy and getting the right vitamins through a good diet. Want to know how to easily tailor a suitable diet for your dog? Read on!

    A Balanced Diet

    What does a suitable diet mean anyway? Just like a regular human diet, a dog’s diet needs to have the right amount of nutrition to keep them happy and healthy. It should also balance out protein and calorie intake so that your buddy has all of the energy to stay peppy the whole day. Every breed will have different needs, so it’s important to tailor your dog’s diet to their specific health requirements. If you’re not sure what your dog’s nutritional needs are, you can always ask your vet at your dog’s next check-up. 

    Your Dog’s Activity Level

    Before you devise a diet plan for your dog, first understand their activity level. Dogs that are more active, burn more calories. As such, it’s important that you replenish the calories through food. If your dog isn’t very active, consider low-calorie dog food to maintain a healthy weight.

    Consider All Of Your Options

    White dog paws next to a dish of kibble

    There are many good brands for dog food and some of the most recommended are Purina, Stella and Chewy, and Hill’s Science. Aside from being good dog food for picky eaters, these are also rich with vitamins, probiotics, and all natural ingredients. Hill’s even has a scientifically-based line for dogs with specific health related needs.

    There are recipe formulas for dogs with urinary problems, heart problems, gut health, and many others. A good way to find your dog’s brand of choice is to buy the smallest pouches available so that if your dog doesn’t like it, it won’t be put to waste. 

    Pro tip: when giving your dog kibble, try pouring some broth first on top. This will make it easier for your dog to eat the dry food and also give them a boost of nutrition. Broths contain collagen, which is good for joint health, and glycine, an amino acid that helps detox your dog’s kidneys and liver. 

    Benefits of Mixing Wet/Dry Food

    Combining both wet and dry food to your dog’s diet can give them the best of both worlds, where they are exposed to different textures that they will generally be more tempted to try.  The benefits of adding wet food to dry food include providing extra moisture and hydration, making meals more exciting, and ensuring complete and balanced nutrition in every meal. 

    A combination diet can be done in a few ways. You can try giving your dog dry food in the morning, and wet food in the evening. Alternatively, you can mix both types of food during meals. This means you no longer have to rely on water or broth to keep the dry food soft and easy to digest for your dog. The wet food you give them will be more than enough to keep the kibble moist.

    When mixing wet and dry food, you’ll still want to make sure there’s a good blend of protein and vegetables so your dog gets all of the nutrients they need in one serving.

    Consider A Raw Diet

    More and more pet owners are transitioning their dogs to a raw diet. What is this? Simply put, a raw diet usually includes organ meats, muscle meat, whole or ground bone, raw eggs, dog-safe fresh fruits and vegetables, and a dairy product such as yogurt. Raw diets can be homemade, store-bought, freeze-dried, or dehydrated.Of course, the raw diet also includes unprocessed foods and veggies. A raw diet has many benefits for your dog such as giving them a shiny coat, giving them good amounts of protein, and giving them strong teeth as well. 

    While a raw diet has many benefits, it also comes with risks. For instance, you put yourself and your dog at risk of getting contaminated by bacteria that comes from raw food which can make your dog very sick. It’s best to make sure that the meat you’re giving them is fresh. Never give your dog meat that’s been left out of the freezer for a long time. If your dog has any leftovers, make sure to dispose of them immediately.

    A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog

    Your dog’s diet is essential to keeping them happy and healthy for their whole life. With so many options available these days, you can easily tailor a suitable diet for your dog that is both delicious and nutritious. 

    About the Author:

    Helen Harry is a freelance writer and a GOT fan. Apart from writing Technologies, she likes to read & write fiction. More than anything, she loves to spend her time with her family, explaining technologies to the elders.

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