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  • How to Keep Your Dog Tick Free This Summer

    by Emily Bergquist

    Sponsored by Buena Vet and Get Rid of Pests

    A long haired red dog standing on tree log in the forest with its tongue hanging out.

    Summer is finally here! A season devoted to leisure and sharing good moments with your loved ones. However, these warmer months are associated with the proliferation of ticks. If you have a dog, you know the havoc ticks can wreak. These nasty blood-suckers attach their heads to the body of your dog and feed on its blood. Aside from the obvious risk of anemia ticks pose to your dog, they’re also responsible for a long list of diseases, including skin irritation, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Bartonellosis, and Hepatozoonosis. Removing these nasty little critters can be a pain to do and that’s why it’s better to keep your dog tick free. Here are the top three tips to help with that.

    Keep Your House and Yard Tick Free

    Let’s face it, ticks don’t just magically appear on your dogs. If your doghouse and storage shed is infested with ticks, dogs can easily pick them up from there. A good way to prevent a tick infestation is to apply non-toxic pesticides under cabinets, along baseboards and moldings, in corners, and on windowsills to eradicate ticks.

    If you find a tick inside your house, then it’s even more likely that they’re thriving in your yard. Ticks love to breed in moist and humid conditions. This makes places like grasses, wooded areas and underneath a pile of leaves, perfect. Make sure you regularly cut your grasses. Ticks do not jump, so it makes it a bit harder for them to get on your dog’s body. Also, remove dead plants from your yard. A good natural strategy is to introduce nematodes to your yard as they kill ticks. You might also opt for chemical solutions. However, be careful not to purchase a product that is harmful to kids and your dog as they play on the grass. Visit this website for more information on removing ticks from your home. 

    A brown and white shepherd dog running in a yard with a green ball in its mouth.


    During peak tick season, shampooing can be beneficial and an easy way to keep your dog tick free. Special shampoos contain medicated ingredients that will, in general, kill ticks on contact. However, make sure you read the label to be sure you’re using a good product. You might also want to consider the age of your pet. Bathing a puppy with shampoo might not be a good idea.  

    After shampooing, you should apply a tick control repellent to your dog. This will discourage ticks from attaching themselves to your dog’s body. Many local veterinarian hospitals, such as Buena Vet, have options for dermatology treatments to prevent ticks as well. Connect with veterinarians near you through Pawprint, where you can share and store all your pet’s health records all in one simple app.

    A golden retriever getting a bath in a tub.

    Tick Detection and Removal

    Your dog is your responsibility to take care of. That’s why you have to do regular check-ups on them during this season. Ticks are good at hiding under a dog’s fur. Coupled with the fact that they come in different sizes and colors makes their detection even harder. Make sure you check your dog’s neck, under its armpit, behind and inside its ears, and even between its toes. 

    Ticks have to be removed one after the other using fine-tipped tweezers and antiseptic ointment. While dislodging a tick, you have to ensure that you remove the head that is tucked into your dog’s body. That’s why you shouldn’t use your fingers or nails to remove ticks. Moving the tweezers as close to the head as possible, pull out the tick. In case the head doesn’t come out, use a sterilized needle to pull out the head. Thereafter, apply antiseptic ointment to the spot. 

    After you’ve removed all the ticks, resist the urge to crush them as they can spread diseases. Instead, you can drown them in alcohol or flush them down the toilet. 

    Enjoy a Tick Free Summer

    This summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the weather! With these tips you can keep your dog tick free and healthy! Remember to always take your dog to their vet if you suspect the ticks are still there after using these tips.

    A grey pitbull laying down on pavement in a yard with its tongue hanging out

    Author Bio

    Laurel Tied is a dog enthusiast. When she isn’t writing about dog’s health, she can be found cooking vegan food in her kitchen or hanging out on the beach.  

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