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  • How to Protect Your Dog from Getting Sprayed by a Skunk

    by Emily Bergquist

    Just as curiosity killed the cat, you probably cannot count the number of times your dog has landed in trouble for being overly curious. Your dog hops into the house, and the awful aroma is unmistakable. It has been sprayed by a skunk!

    Two baby skunks being held by a man with gloves

    As part of their defense mechanism, skunks give off sulfuric compounds that deter even the fiercest attackers when they feel threatened. It’s not like skunks love to spray willy-nilly. That’s why they first stomp their front feet and fan out their tail as a warning. But unlike humans who heed this warning, naive, curious dogs tend to charge heedlessly. And as a result, they get skunked!

    How To Protect Your Dogs From Getting Sprayed

    1) Keep skunks away from your yard

    It’s part of a dog’s biological drive to be curious. That’s why keeping skunks away from your yard is the best bet. This can be accomplished by:

    • Eliminating food sources

    Skunks are opportunistic feeders and will eat almost anything, including grubs, rodents, leaves, fish, garbage, and more. Keeping your environment free of easy food will help to make your yard unattractive.

    •  Providing them with no shelter

    Skunks love to reside under the crawl spaces, like under the porch, deck, or patio. Ensure that you seal all potential entry holes. Keep a clean yard so there are no potential hiding spots also.

    • Yard Fencing

    A fence, at least, 3 feet tall and buried 1-foot-deep is enough to prevent skunks from burrowing into your yard. Although fencing can be expensive, it is one of the best options to protect your dog from skunks.

    For more help on keeping skunks away from your yard, visit skunkpestcontrol.com.

    2) Keep your dog indoors at night

    Skunks are crepuscular creatures, meaning they are most active from dusk till dawn. That’s why most skunk-dog encounters occur in the evening when skunks are just leaving their den. By keeping your dog indoors at night, it will drastically reduce the encounter they have with skunks. Even if they are left outside, they should be tied to a leash so they won’t be able to follow a skunk and land in trouble.

    What To Do If Your Dog Gets Sprayed by a Skunk

    In the scenario that your dog gets sprayed by a skunk, here’s what you should do:

    1) Keep your dog outdoors

    A dog that has been skunked will come running indoors. Make sure you take it out immediately and shut the doors. If not, the dog will spread the noisome smell around the furniture and rugs. You’d then have a greater cleaning job to do.

    2) Prepare a homemade cleaning remedy.

    The liquid that’s most effective in neutralizing a skunk’s scent and oil is a simple homemade solution that consists of:

    •  1 quart – 3% hydrogen peroxide
    • 1/4 cup – baking soda
    •  1 teaspoon – liquid dishwashing soap

    3) Clean your dog

    Wear your hand gloves and use the solution to rub over the dog’s body. Make sure it doesn’t get into the dog’s eyes. The quicker you’re able to get this done, the better. After, thoroughly rinse your dog’s body. The final step is to thoroughly shampoo your dog and rinse. If the smell persists, you will have to repeat it until all of the foul smell is eradicated.

    Small white dog being cleaned in the bath wearing a purple leash.

    Prevention is the Best Form of Protection

    We hope these tips are helpful when it comes to protecting your dog from getting sprayed by a skunk! The best option is to prevent skunks from coming to your property in the first place and the tips above can help you in doing just that.

    Sponsored by Pest Control Animal and Skunk Pest Control

    Author Bio

    Laurel Tied is a dog enthusiast. When she isn’t writing about dog’s health, she can be found cooking vegan food in her kitchen or hanging out on the beach.  

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