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  • Instagram’s Most Fashionable Dogs

    by Felisha

    In honor of New York Fashion Week, we’re sharing Instagram’s most fashionable dogs. These are pups that should no doubt be joining designers on the runway this year!


    Honey I Dressed The Pug.

    We’ll go as far to say that there isn’t a more fashionable dog on Instagram than than Honey I Dressed The Pug. Not only that, Ari & M take it a step further by twinning, like all the time.


    For Violet, the right accessory really goes a long way. You’ll find her in bedazzled necklaces, flower crowns and a possible costume or two.

    Eloise Closet.

    Little Eloise not only has great style, but her clothing is one of a kind! Eloise’s closet is filled to the brim with clothes that her human designs and creates for her.


    There is a good chance Kuma has better hair than anyone else we know. I mean, who can pull off a topknot this well?

    Piggy and Polly.

    What we love about Piggy and Polly is that they keep it simple. A striped shirt here, a onesie there – maybe a classic hoodie or two. They are just effortlessly cool.



    Needless to say, it’s best to keep an eye out for these fashionistas. They clearly are going to take the fashion world by storm, and we may just see them strutting their stuff in next year’s New York Fashion Week.

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