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  • Keeping Your Pet Safe During the Solar Eclipse

    by David Comiskey

    Tomorrow marks the first total solar eclipse viewable from the contiguous United States in over 35 years. Along much of the Mid-Atlantic and northeast, approximately 80% of the sun will be obscured at the peak of the phenomenon!  Many people know the importance of wearing proper eye protection, but many pet owners are wondering what measures need to be taken to keep their pet safe for the day.

    Here is our simple guide for pet safety and also what behaviors you can expect during the solar eclipse.

    Your dog doesn’t need special glasses

    Dogs avoid direct eye contact with the sun all the time.  Many experts believe that there is no reason to expect that our furry friends will be inclined to look up at the skies during the eclipse. In fact, most pups will be completely unfazed.

    Dogs can be outside during the solar eclipse

    There is little danger to having a dog out on a regular walk during the eclipse. Nonetheless, certain precautions should be taken. While dogs already avoid eye contact with the sun, there is no telling exactly where a dog may look while out walking. This can be dangerous if a dog reacts to shadows or changing light during the eclipse. Experts recommend limiting time outside during the eclipse. Quick potty breaks followed by play inside rather than long strolls can minimize any risk.

    Avoid crowds of people watching the eclipse

    Many experts believe this is the greatest danger posed to our pets during the eclipse. Pets can become anxious in large crowds and they should be left at home instead of accompanying you to a viewing party. The danger is very similar to that posed by holidays like the Fourth of July where a dog may be overwhelmed by crowds of people.

    What to expect for your Barkly walk?

    Our walkers will continue with walks as planned for the duration of the eclipse. We will be recommending to all our walkers that they limit their time outside to just potty breaks. The remainder of the time with your pup will be spent playing with them inside to burn some energy.  As always, we’re here to answer any questions at support@barklypets.com.



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