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  • Mother’s Day is for you too, Dog Mom!

    by David Comiskey

    Happy Mother’s Day! This is an important holiday for Barkly Pets and indeed the whole pet world. It’s nearly a universally accepted fact at this point that our pets are part of the family and as such there are a lot of dog moms out there who should be enjoying biscuits in bed this weekend.

    Here are just a few reasons we celebrate dog moms at Barkly Pets:

    • 70% of Barkly Pets customers are women. Women are far and away the household decisionmakers when it comes to pet care, according to our data.
    • At the time of writing this, there are 1,647,049 posts on Instagram using #dogmom. We’d be willing to wager that 90%+ of those incredible Instagram accounts that make social media worthwhile are being run by dog moms who pamper their pets and love sharing photos of them with the world.

    • Raising a puppy or welcoming a rescue into your home is no small task. It’s hard work. It takes dedication and consistency to raise them. Our furchildren quickly give a whole new meaning to unconditional love and dog moms give that love right back to them every single day.
    • We celebrate our pup’s birthdays so why wouldn’t we celebrate Mother’s Day too!?

    Have a dog mom in your life? Check out our gift ideas on Twitter and Instagram!

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