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  • NYC Enforces Pet Sitting Regulation, Mailmen Bond with Pups, and Hero Dog Saves Deer – Your Pet News Roundup

    by David Comiskey

    Last week in pet news a new obstacle emerged in New York City for anyone with hopes of earning extra money boarding pets. Meanwhile, a hero dog saved a drowning fawn and a new Facebook page will make you question the adage of dogs chasing mailmen.

    Pet Sitting Regulations in New York City

    Last week, the New York City government revisited a longstanding, but rarely enforced regulation preventing city residents from boarding pets for pay without possessing a license to board animals.  The regulation has far reaching impacts on independent pet sitters and services and is facing severe backlash. Just how far the city will go in its enforcement efforts is still to be seen.

    Hero Dog Saves Drowning Deer

    Elsewhere in New York, a golden retriever named Storm was caught on camera saving a drowning fawn. Storm’s owner cast aside doubts that Storm was simply following his retriever instinct, telling The New York Times that Storm “grasped the deer by the neck — just the way a lifeguard would put his arm over someone’s neck — and dragged him in.” Watch for yourself and decide. The fawn is recovering at a local animal shelter.



    Dogs Chasing Mailmen? Not on this Facebook Page.

    Does your dog bark at the mailman? Many dogs do, but a Facebook page shows the other side of the story from the driver’s perspective. The page titled UPS DOGS posts photos almost daily of UPS drivers bonding with dogs along their routes. It’s a must follow for any dog lover.

    That’s your week in pet news!

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