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  • Pet First Aid and CPR Certifications Now Available to Barkly Pets Dog Walkers

    by David Comiskey

    Today we’re pleased to announce a new perk for Barkly Pets dog walkers. Our walkers can now access Pet First Aid and CPR certifications online, powered by ProPetHero. The Pet First Aid and CPR certification joins a growing list of perks and programs tailored for our dog walkers. Ongoing educational opportunities like this certification represent our commitment to empowering our walkers, and providing trusted and safe care to our customers and their beloved pets.

    We spoke with Natasha, our long-tenured dog walker in Washington, DC, about her experience completing the course. Natasha has been a dog walker with Barkly Pets since July 2017. A personal trainer in addition to dog walker, she loves the outdoors, and being active. Naturally, dog walking was a perfect fit.

    Natasha D. - A Barkly Pets dog walker pictured with her favorite pup Jefferson.

    Natasha pictured with her favorite Barkly Pets pup Jefferson

    Why did you elect to complete the Pet First Aid & CPR course?

    “I decided to do the pet CPR and first aid course because you never know when an accident could occur or something goes wrong with one of your dogs. Having a basic knowledge and understanding of what you could do to help or potentially save a dog in a bad situation is invaluable. It was a very informative and worthwhile course.”

    Will the course assist you in being a dog walker?

    “The course will definitely assist in being a better dog walker. I learned a lot and feel confident that should a situation arise with one of my dogs, I would be in a much better position to be of assistance. It’s one of those things you hope you never have to use, but worth having the skills just in case.”

    What were the most surprising things you learned from the course?

    “I wouldn’t say there was anything surprising, just things that were really good to know, like how to take a dogs pulse or how to check for injuries. Also, some behaviors that might not seem too worrisome, but could end up being serious.”

    Was the ProPetHero course convenient being online?

    “The course was very convenient being online. You could complete a few lessons, save it and then go back to it whenever you had the time. You could complete it at your own pace. If I had to pick something that was missing, it would be a q&a session at the end. It would be nice to be able to ask questions and get some additional information.”

    The Pet First Aid & CPR course is a great addition to the existing onboarding program that all walkers attend. In Natasha’s words, “the walker onboarding went over the basics. The course is more detailed and covers a broader range of topics, injuries, dressing wounds, behaviors to be concerned about, etc.”

    We remain steadfast in our commitment to creating the best place to work with animals in the country. Our customers can expect to begin seeing badges included with walker bios in the app to showcase those dog walkers who have received their Pet First Aid and CPR certification.


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