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    by Felisha

    Here at Barkly Pets we believe that there is so much more to a great dog walk then just the walk itself. Our walkers are in a special position to not only give our pups some satisfying time outside, but they also have the power to brighten our customers’ day. As part of our focus on customer support, we review every piece of customer feedback written about any walk to make sure our walkers and customers are getting the service they deserve. Sometimes they make us laugh, and sometimes they make us cry…. laughing. Here are just a few of our favorites that warmed our hearts recently.

    When your walker can’t get your dog to walk near the Dunkin Donuts for some mysterious reason:

    Customer Feedback: Thanks Jenna! I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but Sonny does not like to go near the Dunkin Donuts. He got attacked by a bird there like a year ago.”

    Thanks walker Jenna G. and customer Ali F.!

    For when your dog decided to snack on paper while you were away:

    Customer Feedback: “No worries! He is weird…sometimes he doesn’t pay stuff any attention (papers, napkins, etc.), and other times, he will snatch them up and hold on for dear life! So don’t worry! I appreciate you letting me know though. I’ll make sure he doesn’t get his extra treat, as I’m sure the paper is very filling!”

    Thanks walker Cindy Z. and customer Karen S.!

    For when your dog would rather nap than walk:

    Customer Feedback: “He didn’t even come to the door?? sounds like somebody is getting lazier with his naps haha. thanks so much :)”

    Thanks walker Sofia L. and customer Susan X.!

    When your dog somehow gets into a bag of avocados and eats a few:

    Customer Feedback:  “Thanks for taking care of Cairo and his shenanigans. He looks quite happy in that picture; licking his lips after the tasty avocados.”

    Thanks walker Darwin D. and customer David D.!

    When your dog experienced love at first sight:

    Customer Feedback: “Really great personality and lovely caring person. Tiger doesn’t even come out for most humans but he took to her immediately… never seen that before! Thanks!”

    Thanks walker Michaelle J. and customer Michelle S.!

    When you realize your dog walker and dog are actually bff:

    Customer Feedback:  “Clark and Leo are thick as thieves. He can’t wait for his next walk with Clark!”

    Thanks walker Clark N. and customer Laurel O.

    When your dog walker is an actual angel:

    Customer Feedback:  “Thank you for pampering wick!! He loves the shoulder and behind the ears massage (that’s where he carries most of his stress)”

    Thanks walker Brittany H. for customer Yesenia J.!

    When your dog has an accident but it’s totally normal:

    Customer Feedback:  “Thank you!! And he does pee on his sweater sometimes! It’s normal! He has a very strong pee stream.”

    Thanks walker Micaela M. and customer Yesenia J.!

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