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  • Rescue Dogs Rock NYC – Senior Dogs

    by Casey Seline

    Looking to adopt a dog in the New York City area? Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is an amazing nonprofit located in the Upper East Side, and it takes in homeless dogs who would otherwise be euthanized. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC takes in dogs of all ages, but we want to put a spotlight on some of their most eligible adoptees: senior pups.

    Senior dogs are just as needing of love and support, and they appreciate all the affection they receive. They’re also usually house trained and are much chiller than energetic puppies – a big plus for anyone looking to ease into dog ownership. Here are 22 senior pups at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC who are ready to be adopted.

    Apply to adopt from Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on their website.


    Doogie is a male Pekingese and quite the looker! He hails from Georgia and is nothing short of polite to every human and dog he meets.

    Sweet Caroline

    Sweet Caroline is a female Chihuahua all the way from Georgia. Like any good Southern girl, she’s a sweetheart and a socialite.


    Violet is a female Shih Tzu and a born New Yorker. She can handle anything you throw her way, but would prefer to just cozy up in your lap at home.


    Shiloh is a female Pekingese mix from Georgia. Her foster mom has said that she’s a polite little lady who loves to snuggle and play with her toys.


    Scooter is a male Pit Bull and a gentle soul. He loves to go for walks and is affectionate with all people and animals.


    Ruthie is a female Beagle and is great with all dogs and people. She had a tumor in her mouth, which has been removed. As a result, her tongue is always out and ready to give kisses.


    Katy is a female Pekingese who enjoys the company of other dogs and people of all ages. She comes to NYC from South Carolina.


    Rock pictured here on a car ride!

    Rock is a male Boxer. He faced cancer and is now a three-legged boy, but Rock is smart enough to know that won’t stop him.

    Princess Hattie

    Princess Hattie here pictured on a walk.

    Princess Hattie is a regal female Pit Bull. She loves people, though she’s slow to trust other dogs. Cats, she knows, are entirely untrustworthy.

    Max Jones

    Max is a male Pit Bull from Georgia. His previous owner was diagnosed with dementia and could no longer care for him, so Max’s search for love brought him to NYC. He likes to sleep in bed with his human, but will sleep next to the bed on the ground if you ask.


    Josie is a female Black Lab and a cancer survivor! She enjoys hanging out with other dogs and people of all ages.


    Ginny is a female Shih Tzu. She beat cancer, and makes the most of everyday playing and snuggling.


    Demi pictured here chewing a bully stick.

    Demi is a female American Bulldog. She’ll let you know that she’s happy by doing a little prance dance. This happens most often at the outset of car rides and leisurely walks.


    Cola pictured here with some of his favorite toys.

    Cola is a female Beagle/Rat Terrier mix. She is on a special diet and would make a great get-fit buddy.


    Chelsea is a female Shih Tzu mix. She is a friendly South Carolina girl, happy to hang out with all people and dogs.


    Bea is a female Hound mix. After her previous owner died, she is seeking out a new human to love.


    Argon photographed here on a car ride.

    Argon is a male Pit Bull. He was saved in the knick of time from a kill shelter in Texas, and now is enjoying every bit of life. He finds even the smallest nice things in life (a soft blanket, a doggie bed) ultra luxurious.

    Amy Rose

    Amy rose pictured here wearing a sweater.

    Amy Rose is a female Miniature Poodle mix. She’s an independent girl, meaning when she wants attention, she’ll find you, and when she doesn’t, she prefers her space.


    Ali, the pit bull, is getting some love from a few children in this photo.

    Ali is a male Pit Bull. He’s a gentle giant and loves playing in the bathtub and cruising around the backyard.

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