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  • Rover vs Wag? Find Out How Barkly is Different.

    by Andrew Borgschulte

    Dog walking apps and on-demand dog walking services have become nearly as ubiquitous as ride-sharing services in many big cities. There are a number of companies that offer these services, but what are some key differences when it comes to Rover vs Wag? And why does Barkly do things differently?

    Photo of a Barkly walker with a beagle. Keep reading to see why Barkly is the better pet care option compared to Wag! or Rover.

    Rover vs Wag for Dog Walkers

    Let’s start this discussion with a few key points about how these services work for the dog walkers. This is an important piece of the puzzle, both for the walkers and how they are compensated, and the dog owners experience with the service.

    If you are a dog walker for Rover, you will lose 20% of your earnings on each walk to Rover. This is a pretty steep price. For your standard $20 walk, it means you are only taking home $16. Of course, this is a very similar model to the ride-sharing companies mentioned earlier.

    When it comes to Wag!, the news can be even worse. A Wag! walker will give up anywhere between 20-40% of their walk revenue back to Wag!. Wag! dog walkers will also be on the losing end of discounts given to customers. If a customer is given a 50% discount on a walk, that means that you as the dog walker will only earn half of what you are do.

    Both Rover & Wag! incentivize volume over quality. This approach can result in less than stellar experiences for both the walkers and the dog owners. After all, how incentivized would you be as a dog walker to go above and beyond for a customer if you know you’re earning a fraction of what they’re paying?

    Barkly is the best app for your dog, because we're the best app for dog walkers.

    What about Barkly?

    Here at Barkly, we have a fresh and different approach to dog walking. Barkly dog walkers in most cities in the country are able to set their own prices and get to keep 100% of their money earned on walks. We believe that a happier dog walker leads to a happier dog and a better experience for dog owners.

    We also offer a ton of great tools for dog walkers to both find new customer leads and manage their growing business. Free training courses like once “Growing Your Dog Walking Business”, “Dog Harness Training”, and “Positive Reinforcement Training” are all available to Barkly dog walkers. Click here to learn more about these courses.

    Rover vs Wag for Dog Owners

    When it comes to the experience for dog owners across these services, it can vary. Generally, with both Wag and Rover, you are not getting the same walker every time. This can present a few issues including your dog being uncomfortable with a stranger, or you as the owner being uncomfortable with a different person in your house each week.

    When it comes to your pup, almost every dog owner would prefer a consistent dog walker. Consistency allows the dog to bond with the walker and make the experience less stressful for all involved. It’s also nice as the dog owner to know who is entering your home when you’re not there.

    While the on-demand nature of Wag! and Rover can be a benefit for those last minute walkers when you’re stuck at work, for most people with a consistent schedule, having the same caring and certified walker makes much more sense.

    What about Barkly?

    Here at Barkly, we are committed to our clients and their dogs having a consistent and reliable experience. To start things off, Barkly customers can we set up a free meet-and-greet with a walker in their area. your pup and your potential walker. This “compatibility check” allows your dog to meet their new walker and for you to ask any questions or inform your walker of any special needs your dog may have.

    Once the match has been made, your future bookings will be with the walker you selected and only that walker. This consistency will make your dog more comfortable and you can rest assured they are receiving the best treatment.

    In addition to our commitment to consistency, we are also committed to best-in-class technology and safety including GPS tracking of each walk, all walkers are insured and bonded, and of course, go through a rigorous background check.

    Finally, in this modern world, sometimes you still need to talk to a live person, especially when it involves your four-legged family member. Here at Barkly, we have real customer service representatives available 24/7.

    So, now what?

    While there are several choices in the dog walking services market, we think it’s pretty clear that Barkly offers a better, more comfortable experience, both for dog walkers starting their own business and dog owners looking for a safe and reliable dog walking experience.

    Are you interested in becoming a dog walker with Barkly? Click here to begin your application!

    Barkly Pets is the only dog walking app with extensive walker training, thorough vetting, and high safety standards. Discover expert walkers in your neighborhood for both your every day and last minute pet care needs. Sign up now for your first walk free.

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