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  • Seattle Dog Parks: The Best of the Best

    by Andrew Borgschulte

    On top of being one of the coolest cities on the West Coast, there are are a ton of awesome Seattle dog parks! We will highlight a few of the best throughout the city and point out some of the best amenities.

    As one of the most dog friendly cities in the country, there are many Seattle dog parks to visit with your pooch.

    Golden Gardens Park

    Golden Gardens offers a one-acre off-leash area located in the upper northern portion of the park. The area includes a wide-open space covered in wood chips for playing and running. There are also trees scattered throughout the off-leash area.

    For the humans, tables, benches, and a small covered area offer places to rest and protection on rainy days. Additionally, parking and restrooms are available nearby.

    Northacres Park

    The Northacres off-leash areas span 1.6 acres. It has open spaces, trails, shade and trees. For people, there are benches, chairs and a shady place to relax. Restrooms, play areas, playfields, and picnic areas are also nearby.

    The off-leash area is in the northeast corner of the park. There is parking available on the west side of the park on 1st NE, and on the south side of the park on N 125th.

    Woodland Park

    The Woodland off-leash area is a one-acre dog park on a slope inside of Woodland Park. It has benches and a doggie drinking fountain.

    The real bonus here is that it is near the Woodland Park Zoo and Green Lake. Finally, the addition of a Small and Shy Dog Area was completed in the first quarter of 2018.

    Magnuson Park

    The Magnuson off-leash area contains nearly 9 acres and is a place where city hounds can romp with their furry friends in Seattle’s biggest fully-fenced back yard for canines. Because of it’s size, this off-leash area is the only one inside city limits with water access (Lake Washington’s freshwater shoreline).

    The site has a large, generally flat play area, a winding trail with several open areas and changes of scenery along the way, and it gives dog owners and their dogs of all ages plenty of space to “workout”. Most of the trail is compact gravel and is wheelchair accessible.

    This off-leash area has a small and shy dog area within the larger dog park. Fencing and signs were installed in coordination with the Magnuson Off Leash Area Group (MOLG). The small/shy dog area is located just to the south of the main entrance kiosk, accessible from NE 74th street.

    Magnuson Park’s off-leash area is by far the largest, most popular and most widely used off-leash area compared to any other Seattle dog parks.

    Magnolia Manner Park

    Magnolia Manor Park is located in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle, and the off-leash area offers spectacular views. The park property is part of a larger site owned by Seattle Public Utilities. In 1995, the Magnolia Reservoir was replaced with an underground structure as part of the Seattle Public Utilities Reservoir Covering Program.

    The reservoir is surrounded with a chain-link fence and part of the remaining space now functions as a 21,000 sq. ft off-leash area with a “chuck it” game zone and dog drinking fountain. In addition, the park has space with picnic tables, benches, and a walking path.

    Regrade Park

    This 0.3-acre off-leash area is located in the heart of downtown, at 3rd and Bell. There is a 5-foot-tall fence that encloses the entire park, and there are double “airlock” gates at each entrance to ensure your dog’s safety.

    Street vehicle traffic is substantial in this area, so it’s important to use the gates properly to avoid any pups getting out. This park also has running water and is wheelchair-accessible.

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