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  • The Best Dog Bakeries Baltimore Has to Offer

    by Casey Seline

    Looking for a place in Baltimore that can make a sweet treat for your best friend? Look no further! We’ve sought out the best places in Baltimore for customized pet treats and baked goods. Here are a few of the best dog bakeries Baltimore is home to.

    A dog enjoys a safe-to-eat cupcake from a dog bakery.
    via Chelsea Nesvig Flickr CC

    Baltimore Dog Bakery

    3918 Vero Rd., Halethorpe

    This five-star bakery boasts same-day service, low prices, and helpful customer service. Their products range from biscuits to cakes, always all natural. They even offer wheat-free and corn-free cakes for dogs with allergies or sensitivities! You can find them at the address above or at various local Farmer’s Markets.

    Clipper’s Canine Cafe

    8407 Main St., Ste. A, Ellicott City

    Named after this family-owned store’s Yellow Lab, Clipper’s is another five-star pet boutique. They carry all natural pet foods and have a large selection available for doggie customers on a raw food diet, those needing supplements, and, of course, those looking for gourmet bakery treats! They also have a full pet store with toys, spa products, and apparel. Sounds like doggie heaven!

    The Dog Chef

    863 N. Howard St., Mount Vernon

    This bakery has been featured on Animal Planet and several national news channels! Chef Kevyn Matthews has been working with veterinarians to come up with the best balanced meals for dogs, often with the aim to heal any ailments they might have (he’s worked on foods that offset the symptoms of everything from itchy skin to cancer). This bakery also produces one of a kind, human-grade cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and even frozen yogurt for your dog to dig into!

    Looking to celebrate your dog? Check out our post How to Celebrate A Dog Birthday. If you’re looking to find dog bakeries in NYC, DC, or Philadelphia, check out the Barkly Blog!

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