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    by Talley Lattimore

    We here at Barkly have walked just about every type of dog under the sun. We’ve seen the full spectrum of dog names and indeed have seen the full alphabet as well from Abbey to Zoe. Just when we think we’ve seen them all, a Stoli or Jinx Monsoon or Optimus Prime comes along. We’re truly impressed by the creativity of our customers! So what’s in a name? Apparently, everything.

    Food (and drink) Inspirations: Take just one look at the dogs we walk and you’ll ask yourself if you’re looking at a grocery list rather than a list of dog names. Sandwich, Taco, Nacho, Portabella, Matzah, Matisse, and Marzipan all love their Barkly walks. That’s not to mention all the dogs we walk with names derived from some favorite cocktails. We’ve walked Bulleit, Bourbon, Basil Hayden, Bellini, Mojito, Guinness, Stoli, Jameson, and Chianti. What’s the takeaway?Name your new furchild when you’re hungry and also your best ideas come over a cocktail.

    Fictional Heroes: The Barkly dogs must all be well read and many movie buffs, apparently. Kipling, Gatsby, Renly, Coraline, Rocky, and, yes, of course Cullen, are all popular Barkly dog names. Our Baltimore customers take the cake in this category, with Annabel Lee, Raven, and Nevermore. We have to wonder would Mr. Poe be amused?

    Famous Figures: Forget the question of which famous person would you want to share a beer with. At Barkly, we ask which famous person would you want to take a walk with. Naming pets after real people will never get old. We’ve walked our fair share of Founding Fathers and Presidents including Hamilton, Madison, and Obama, but no Ben Franklin yet (get on it, Philly!). We’ve walked Shaka Zulu and, yes, Snooki. We’ve soared with Maverick and Thor. We’ve solved many a crime with Lennie Briscoe and shot hoops with Kobe and played fetch with Tebow and Peyton.

    Bottom line, we love our pups and picking that perfect name to match their personality is the first step many of us take in building that BFF bond we share with our dogs. Whether it be Mr. Perfect or any name for royalty you can imagine, we know you have the best dog in the world. Your choices continue to amuse us each an every day!

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