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  • The Quest to Find Louboutina: NYC’s Famous Hugging Dog

    by Nicole Pinto

    A golden retriever in New York City has gone viral recently. Her name is Louboutina and her Instagram following has increased from 18k followers to 145k+ followers in the span of a few short weeks. She continues to make headlines for her propensity to hug passersby in her neighborhood of Chelsea, Manhattan. Louboutina’s owner, Cesar Fernadez Chavez, takes her on daily walks around Chelsea and Union Square most days, and is kind enough to let gaggles of admirers pet and hug her during their jaunts. Cesar says she is relatively new to the fame, but has been enjoying the attention.

    I first heard about Louboutina after reading an article shared on Facebook. Being the crazy dog lady and social media enthusiast that I am, I eagerly began following Louboutina’s Instagram account. Cesar regularly shares updates regarding their whereabouts for adoring fans hoping to meet her and receive a one-of-a-kind hug.

    On my day off from work, I decided to take a stroll through Chelsea to meet the famous Loubie. Upon spotting her at her usual corner on 19th and 7th, I saw a small crowd of admirers surrounding her and Cesar, patiently waiting their turn to take selfies. Loubie was also busy prepping for a televised interview. Please enjoy some photos from my adventure to find one of NYC’s sweetest doggies. I can attest to the fact that Louboutina is even more adorable in person!

    For more information on Louboutina, check out some of the numerous articles on her antics below!

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