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  • This is the Best Dog Park San Antonio Has to Offer

    by Andrew Borgschulte

    San Antonio is the second-most populous city in Texas and a major historical landmark in America’s history. It is also home to a ton of dog owners who love getting out with their pups. Given the year-round warm temps, taking advantage of the best dog park San Antonio has to offer can be done at any time of year! Let’s take a look at a few and name a winner.

    A view of the San Antonio skyline.

    Madison Square Park

    The .65-acre dog park at Madison Square Park officially opened in 2010. The dog park features a fenced off-leash area, mutt-mitts, a doggie drinking fountain, and benches.

    This park is great if you live downtown. Though it is small, its convenience more than makes up for it and the park is usually not too crowded.

    Pearsall Park

    Bright green, red and yellow colors make the 1.5 acres of fenced-in area stand out with picnic tables and trash cans, as well as play features. Park hours are 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week.

    This dog park is tucked away from the rest of the larger park and also offers some shade, which is certainly appreciated during the summer. The agility and obstacle course will give your pup plenty to do in this nice-sized park.

    Tom Slick Park

    The 1-acre dog park (off the 151 entrance to the park) features separate areas for large and small dogs. Amenities include benches, picnic tables, a fountain for people and pets, and a special doggie shower.

    Shade structures and solar lights are pending. In addition, a second fenced dog enclosure is located on the Timber Creek entrance side adjacent to a new pavilion and playground.

    The Winner: Phil Hardberger Park

    This large park contains two separate dog parks: the East and West Dog Park. Four-legged friends are free to roam off-leash in either dog park.

    The dog parks are shaded and fenced, with separate areas for large and small dogs. It features water fountains and picnic tables, as well as fun obstacle courses and play shelters for dogs.


    • Visit the area suitable for your dog’s size.
    • Stay with your animal while your dog is off-leash in the dog park.
    • Take control of your pet should excitement levels get out of hand.
    • Put your dog back on a leash when you leave the enclosed dog park

    For all of these reasons, in our opinion, this is the best dog park San Antonio has to offer.

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