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  • ’Til death do us pawt and much more in this week’s Barkly Beat

    by David Comiskey

    This week in pet news we learn of pet owners around the country going to extraordinary lengths to ensure both this life and the afterlife are pet-friendly.

    1. All dogs do in fact go to heaven. Hopefully they can help get us there too. While being buried with your pet is not a common practice yet, the first recorded instance of it was 14,000 years ago in Germany. Now, the Green Pet-Burial Society, is working to make it easier and more common for pet owners to be buried with their pets in “whole family cemeteries”, reports NPR.

    2. While most pet owners will outlive their pets, this is not always the case and figuring out how to ensure our furchildren can live comfortably after we’re gone is not to be overlooked. Pet owners can legally bequeath their home and money to their pets in New York. One NY resident once left $12 million to her Maltese! This is not legal in many other states, but creative solutions abound. A Portland, Oregon woman has secured a life insurance policy for a designated guardian to cash out to care for her pets.

    3. In slightly more uplifting news, the world’s first art exhibit for dogs is coming this Summer in New York City. The exhibit named dOGUMENTA takes care on its website to clarify that the exhibit is not of dogs or even by dogs for that matter. It is for dogs. The exhibit goes live in August in Brookfield Place in lower Manhattan. Find out more at www.dogumenta.org.

    dOGUMENTA photo from www.wmagzazine.com.

    That’s your week in pet news. Until next week!

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