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  • Barkly Pets and Time To Pet Comparison

    by Talley Lattimore

    There are many options when it comes to choosing the right dog walking software for your pet care business. Before committing to one, it’s important to compare your options and understand your specific needs. Perhaps you a business owner with a staff of dog walkers looking for software that your team can use. Alternatively, you may be an independent dog walker looking for software to scale with your business. These are just some of the questions to consider when you’re evaluating pet care software platforms. Keep reading for a Barkly Pets and Time To Pet comparison.

    A long haired, spotted dachshund in front of a computer. This post details a Barkly Pets and Time To Pet comparison.

    Barkly vs Time To Pet Pricing

    Pricing is the first thing you’ll likely consider when evaluating dog walking software platforms. Time to Pet pricing starts at $35 per month for independent walkers. For dog walking businesses with a staff of dog walkers, Time to Pet charges $25 per month and an additional $13 per active staff member. Barkly Pets on the other hand charges $8.50 per month, but only if and when dog walkers earn at least $100 in that month. This means that if you don’t walk much in a given month, you don’t have to pay for Barkly’s software at all.

    At typical dog walking rates (assuming $18 per 30 minute walk), a dog walker would have to complete 2+ walks to earn back what they paid for Time To Pet. Meanwhile, with Barkly Pets every walk is profitable for dog walkers. You earn back your fee on your first walk and only pay if you complete 5-6 walks in a month. Barkly doesn’t currently offer staff management plans as Time to Pet, but for the independent walker, Barkly is definitely the better choice when it comes to costs.

    Barkly vs Time to Pet Tech Features

    Of course, if you’re evaluating your options for dog walking and pet sitting software, then you are not only concerned about costs, but also the technology and features that you’ll have with your new software platform. You’ll want to consider not just the user experience that you’ll have for managing your dog walking business, but also the experience your clients will have with the software as well. Both Barkly and Time to Pet offer important features for managing your business, but the experiences between the two platforms are very different.

    Barkly provides all the tech features pet owners have come to expect with dog walking software, including:

    • An award winning iOS and Android customer app and web portal for scheduling and managing appointments.
    • GPS route tracking, as well as on-walk and post walk features such as client report cards.
    • Automatic client invoicing and online payment processing.
    • Client scheduling and simple appointment management.

    Time To Pet’s features include:

    • Client scheduling and simple appointment management.
    • GPS route tracking and other on-walk and post walk features.
    • Client invoicing and online payment processing.
    • Staff management for pet care businesses with dog walking staff.

    Marketing Your Dog Walking Business: Time to Pet vs. Barkly

    A dog walker using a dog walking app. This post is a Barkly vs Time to Pet comparison.

    In addition to the basic tech features listed above, Barkly provides dog walkers valuable marketing tools that are not available with Time To Pet. Barkly recognizes that marketing a business is challenging. While Time to Pet leaves marketing entirely in the hands of the dog walker, Barkly offers many features and tools to help dog walkers attract new clients.

    • Every Barkly walker gets a free, customizable website to market their services.
    • Barkly walkers also can take advantage of free, online pet care certifications covering topics scubas handling aggressive dogs, and caring for cats. These certifications are showcased on the walkers’ website and are visible to prospective clients.

    Additional Pet Care Service Options

    As a pet care professional, you may be looking for more than just dog walking software. Many dog walkers also offer services such as sitting, boarding, and day care. How do Barkly and Time to Pets compare when it comes to catering to professionals who offer multiple services? Time to Pet offers two services: dog walking and pet sitting. Barkly is far more than just a dog walking app. Dog walkers can offer any additional service that they’d like and can customize these features easily. These can include basics, such as pet sitting, dog training, and dog grooming. The feature even allows you to offer unique, custom services as well. Barkly is designed to be a one-stop-shop for pet care professionals.


    Whether you just started your business or already have a developed clientele, dog walking software can help you grow and streamline your business operations. The Time To Pet comparison reveals that Barkly Pets distinguishes itself as the most valuable resource for walkers. Are you ready to get started or is it time to start saving money and switch from Time to Pet to Barkly? Create your Barkly walker account here.

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