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  • Top 5 Flexible Jobs in DC

    by Andrew Borgschulte

    In an expensive city like Washington, DC, many people are looking for a “side gig” or simply a part-time or full-time job that offers flexible hours to fit their schedule. As the gig economy continues to grow, there are myriad options to choose from, but where to start? This post will lay out the top 5 flexible jobs in DC along with a quick breakdown of each one.

    Rideshare Driver

    A photo of a rideshare driver. Driving for a ride sharing app is one of the most flexible jobs in DC.

    This is certainly the most well known flexible job in most major cities, and DC is no exception. With the ability to decide exactly when you want to drive via the app, it is extremely adaptable to nearly any schedule and the demand for rideshares stays steady at all hours of the day.

    On the flip side, you will need a car that meets the qualifications. These vary by provider but in general your vehicle must be a 4-door model and in good working condition. There are also restrictions on how old of a vehicle is allowed. Additionally, there are some potentially hefty expenses such as gas, oil changes and general maintenance for the wear and tear your car will endure.

    Overall, being a rideshare driver has some pretty solid pros and a few notable cons, the potential expense being the biggest one.

    Food Delivery Driver

    Image of a Uber Eats delivery person. Being a food deliver person is a very popular flexible job in DC.

    Similar to being a rideshare driver, a vehicle is generally required for this job. If you would prefer to drive around the city with a carryout bag instead of a passenger, then this is the gig for you. The privacy is certainly one benefit, as well as the tips.

    There are a few downsides to look out for however. When picking up the food from the restaurant and when dropping it off, you will need to find a place for at least a temporary parking space. As any DC resident knows, that is not an easy thing to find! Additionally, you will be getting out of your vehicle frequently, so depending on the weather, this is something to consider.

    At a high level, this job is fairly similar to being a rideshare driver and in fact, with Uber and UberEats, you can do both with the same company. The pros and cons here really depend on your personality and who or what you are comfortable having in your vehicle.

    Food Service Worker

    Certainly the oldest job on this list of top 5 flexible jobs in DC, is being a food service worker. From busboy to waiter to bartender, there are options at every skill or experience level. There is even the option to work for a catering company, which is more flexible but generally the location varies. DC is loaded with restaurants and bars and there is always a steady demand in this industry. In addition, the tips to be made can be quite lucrative.

    What sets this job apart is the option to set your own hours. In nearly every restaurant or bar, your schedule is set for you, which is something to consider. Catering jobs are generally more flexible as often the catering company puts out a request for a particular event and those interested can respond. Overall, there is the potential to make a good amount of money, but the sacrifice is the true freedom to set your own hours.

    Online Gig Jobs

    If you would prefer to not leave the house, there are several options for you within this category as well. Places like Upwork, PeoplePerHour and others offer one-time and short-term jobs in a variety of fields. This can range from a virtual assistant, blog writer, copy editor, or even consulting if you have expertise in a certain subject.

    The biggest downside here is the competition. Hundreds of people apply to nearly every posting and it can be frustrating to continually apply and not actually get the job. It is as or more flexible than any job listed so far and there is little investment beyond a working computer and internet connection.

    Dog Walker

    Our final job of this post is obviously a familiar one for us here at Barkly. Our dog walkers love their job and who wouldn’t? You get to play with dogs all day! As a dog walker, you can set your own hours, build your client base, and establish a steady monthly income. Unlike the other jobs here, you will have a large percentage of repeat customers, so customer service and responsiveness are crucial.

    Of course, it is not all fun and games, and a positive attitude and commitment to your clients at the hours that work for them are a must. Here at Barkly, we know that without our awesome walkers we wouldn’t exist, so we treat you as well as you treat your canine clients. We offer a full suite of tools to get your business up and running, including handling payment, scheduling and insurance. The more you succeed, the more we succeed as a company!

    If you think this sounds like a great opportunity to be a small business owner without many of the hassles, apply today and see how Barkly is changing the dog walking game for good.

    Thanks for reading this list of the top 5 flexible jobs in DC. We hope you found it informative and if you have any questions on becoming a dog walker, drop us a line via our contact form.

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