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  • Top 5 Pet-Friendly Events In NYC in 2018

    by David Comiskey

    Want a more up-to-date list of things to do with your dog in NYC? Check out our list of Spring 2019 dog friendly events in the city. 

    Even though NYC is a highly trafficked and fast-paced environment, there’s still room for plenty of pet-friendly activities. From pet-centric fashion shows and costume parties to running events, you’d be amazed at how many events are catered towards our furry friends (or family!). We’ve compiled a list of the five most noteworthy pet-friendly events in NYC that’ll you’ll want to have on your radar for 2018!

    1. Tompkins Square Halloween Parade

    October 2018 – Tompkins Square Park

    Let your pup show off it’s best, most creative look this October at the Tompkins Square Halloween Parade! Thousands of dogs participate every year for what CNN calls the “largest dog costume parade in the world.” Participating in the parade is free, but there’s a suggested five dollar donation. Bring your dog dressed up to the nines for a chance to win the costume contest and a hefty prize!

    2. My Dog Loves Central Park Fair

    October 2018 – Central Park

    What dog doesn’t like Central Park?! This annual fair is packed with fun happenings for all 4-legged walks of life, which in the past has even included an interactive maze and agility course! Beyond that, there have also been pet psychics to tell your pup’s future, an “ask a vet” booth for all your canine curiosities, and giveaways full of awesome prizes for dogs and owners alike! The My Dog Loves Central Park Fair has also historically had awesome celebrities from the “pet-world” in attendance, including Wendy Diamond from the CBS show “Greatest American Dog!”

    3. Coffee in the Bark

    First Saturday of Every Month – Prospect Park

    On the first Saturday of each month, you can find your way to Prospect Park for some free coffee, pastries, and of course, biscuits for your pup! This free monthly gathering is put on by FIDO to help promote the dog-owner community of New York and set a good example for responsible off-leash recreation. In addition to the morning refreshments and mingling, there’s also plenty of information and activities about responsible off-leash fun!

    4. World Dog Expo

    June 9th – 10th, 2018 – Meadowlands Exposition Center

    If you’re a dog fanatic, the two-day, multi-stage World Dog Expo is an event that you won’t want to miss. There will be a lure course, dock diving, open gyms, weight pulling, and flyball just to name a few. Don’t forget to bring your pup, of course! The World Dog Expo is a perfect opportunity for dogs and their owners to spend some quality time participating in sports, trainings, and various other educational experiences. The World Dog Expo has you and your dog covered on just about everything dog related. There’s also a trade show aspect of the expo, so you can explore the latest and greatest dog products on the market.

    5. Brooklyn Cyclones Bark in the Park

    July 15th, 2018 – MCU Park

    For all the baseball fans out there (humans and dogs alike!), the Brooklyn Cyclones are having their “Bark in the Park” night on July 15th. Sponsored by the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, Bark in the Park night is all about enjoying America’s favorite pastime with man’s best friend! Bring your dog to the ballpark on Bark in the Park night to enjoy exclusive seating for dog owners featuring food and water stations for your pups.

    These are just a few of the things you can do with your dog, among the many other happenings in NYC. Initiatives like the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals and organizations like FIDO are important for pet-friendly living. So get out there and have a good time to support a great cause!

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