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  • Walking Multiple Dogs at Once: Tips and Tricks

    by Andrew Borgschulte

    As a dog walker, you may have wondered about walking more than one at once and how to do it safely and efficiently. Well lucky for you, that’s exactly what this article is about! Let’s go over a few tips for walking multiple dogs at once.

    A dog walker walking multiple dogs at once.

    Start with Separate “Trials”

    This is especially important if this is the first time you have walked one of these dogs. Getting to know their “walking style” solo will be very helpful once you have them grouped together.

    This is also a way to avoid any safety issues. If one of the pups is pulling like crazy, being aggressive, or not obeying commands, it’s probably best to continue walking them on their own.

    Use the Right Gear

    In order to maximize efficiency and avoid tangling or injuries, make sure you have the right equipment at the ready. Start with proper collars and harnesses that are snug but not too tight.

    In addition, make sure the leashes are strong and not flexible or retractable. There are also couplers that can help avoid the leashes getting tangled.

    Keep Treats on Hand

    This is likely a new experience for all involved and new experiences go much better with treats! Treats will help to reinforce the proper behavior and keep the dogs focused.

    Once the correct behavior has been instilled, you can slowly taper down the treats. Of course, as you are walking someone else’s dog, please ask their owner if treats are acceptable during the walk.

    Understand the Dogs’ Limitations

    Just like humans, different dogs have different physical abilities. This is especially important to consider when walking multiple dogs at once. While smaller dogs with plenty of energy can keep up with the big boys, be aware of any heart conditions or other physiological issues before matching up different pups.

    Understand Your Limitations

    Dogs of all sizes can cause issues when walking of course, but before embarking on a multi-dog walk, consider your own physical ability. For example, it probably doesn’t make sense to take two large dogs that outweigh significantly on the same walk. If something were to spook them, you need to be certain you can control the situation.

    Simply put, be aware of your strength, size and fitness level before walking more than one dog.

    Waste Clean-Up

    Last but not least, and certainly not the most fun subject, picking up waste with multiple dogs can be a serious challenge.

    A great and easy tip is to wrap the leashes around your foot and rest your full weight on them while you do the dirty work, which leaves both hands free for the necessary bag manipulation. However, this technique is only safe for dogs that aren’t prone to take off unexpectedly.

    To find out more about being a dog walker with Barkly, click here to begin your application!

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