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  • Which Dog Harnesses Do Barkly Pets Owners Use?

    by Talley Lattimore

    After our recent post about dog harnesses and which is right for your pup, we asked the experts, our dog walkers, which types of harnesses they’ve encountered on Barkly Pets walks.

    Step-in harnesses and EZ-Walk harnesses were far and away the most popular. Meanwhile, Gentle Leaders and Prong Collars were the least common. In fact, almost 90% of Barkly Pets walkers have used a Step-In harness on a walk and 3 in 4 have used an EZ-Walk. Just 1 in 4 have used a Gentle Leader.

    Results by City

    When we break the results down by city there are some other interesting trends. Most notably, EZ-Walk harnesses and Prong Collars are very popular in Baltimore. Since these are commonly used with bigger dogs, this suggests that dogs tend to be bigger in Baltimore. Check back for more on that later.  Meanwhile, Step-In harnesses and Gentle Leaders are more common in Washington, DC than in other cities.

    Regardless of which harness you choose, you can rest easy knowing that our walkers are trained on how to use it and that your beloved pup will have a safe, happy walk!

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