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“Attention to Detail”





Gina is a champ. Our alarm system went off while she was exiting our house, and instead of just leaving, she stuck around to troubleshoot with us via text so the police didn't show up to a false alarm. On top of that, our dog gave her a sweet welcome because he's a great judge of character. ;) Gina, I hope our alarm system didn't scare you away! Please come back!

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Packy & Rachael G.

Rain or shine, Gina takes care of our girl with a laser attention to detail. We’re so lucky to have her!

TimelinessCommunicationAttention to DetailRoute

Carolyn N.

We so appreciate Gina taking care of our puppet, rain or shine, heat or freezing cold. She’s the best!

TimelinessCommunicationPhotoAttention to Detail

Carolyn N.

Thank you for taking Duncan on such long walks! And for brushing him! He loves walkies with Gina!

TimelinessCommunicationRoutePhotoAttention to Detail

Packy & Rachael G.

Thanks so much, Gina! Sorry for the confusion with the door. I’m glad you had a good walk!


Helen B.

You’re the best, Gina! Thanks for always taking care of our girl AND our neighbors!

TimelinessPhotoCommunicationAttention to Detail

Carolyn N.

Whenever we see Gina on the schedule, we get excited. She’s the best we’ve had!


Carolyn N.

Thank you for the thorough report card and for the extra brushing in the yard!

TimelinessCommunicationRouteAttention to Detail

Packy & Rachael G.

Thank you for reinforcing her training, Gina, and keeping our girl in line!

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Carolyn N.

Gina is always so good to our pup. She loves spending time with her!


Carolyn N.

Thank you very much!! It means a lot to both of us!

TimelinessCommunicationRoutePhotoAttention to Detail

Ed B.

Duncan will miss you so much, Gina!

Packy & Rachael G.

Thank you very much!!!

Dineda N.

Thank you Gina!

CommunicationAttention to Detail

Margaret Y.

Love the pic!


Andrew Z.

Thanks, Gina!


Kara S.


  • Barkly Academy Graduate

  • background-checked

    Background Checked


  • Walked 100lb+ Dog

  • Walked Elderly Dogs

  • Walked Multiple Dogs At Once

Neighborhoods I Walk

  • Armistead Gardens
  • Baltimore Highlands
  • Brewers Hill
  • Butcher's Hill
  • Canton
  • Canton Industrial Area
  • Eastwood
  • Fells Point
  • Gay Street
  • Greektown
  • Highlandtown
  • Joseph Lee
  • McElderry Park
  • Medford
  • Middle East
  • Orangeville
  • Patterson Park
  • Patterson Place
  • Southeast Baltimore
  • Upper Fells Point
  • Washington Hill

My Schedule


6am - 11am

11am - 2pm

2pm - 5pm

5pm - 8pm

8pm - 10pm

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