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“Attention to Detail”





thank you for working with him. I am trying to work with him more as well on our walks. I try to let him run and get energy out at the park and then work with him on a walk. He chewed through his harness so I will work on getting him another one. After this weekend, I am off for two weeks, I will try to work a little more with him. I appreciate all your help and I know Remy does too.

CommunicationPhotoAttention to Detail

Barbara W.

Awe...Today, well actually yesterday the 4th, was Remy's 2nd Birthday and he looks so cute in his picture!! Remy is scared to death of bags and anything blowing in the wind so I'm sure you had your hands full with him tonight! I was just telling my team here at work how awesome you are! Thank you so much.


Barbara W.

Thank you! I've been giving him goats milk twice a day with vitamin c (squeezing OJ in there) and he loves it and has seemed to help a lot. he has a vet appointment tonight for a booster shot, so am going to get her to check in on his cough too.


Steph L.

Love it! Little man and I have been doing a lot of training so I’m happy to hear it shows. He’s going to daycare 2x a week now so that will help with his socialization too. Not that he isn’t already a social butterfly 😊


Steph L.

Jen, thanks for making my first 2 weeks as a puppy owner much less worrisome. Appreciate you looking after my little guy while i'm in the office!!

CommunicationAttention to Detail

Steph L.

Sorry to hear he didn't do so well! He just came back from a busy weekend and was a little sad to go back to staying in the crate.

TimelinessCommunicationAttention to DetailRoute

Kimberly C.

Thanks so much for taking great care of Riley and for cleaning up the plant she got into!! Riley was exhausted when I got home!


Whitfield D.

Glad he was semi calm for you. I hope you feel better soon. Let me know if you need me to make other arrangements for Sunday.

Barbara W.

Hi Jenn - the locks haven't been changed so let us know if you have trouble again and we can talk to the landlord about it!


David M.

sorry he was a bad boy today, he was probably still a little worn from puppy preschool last night. i love the picture!!


Steph L.

he hates the rain lol, and he may still have been beat from day care yesterday. Awesome, he loves the great dane!!

Steph L.

Thank you for looking out for him. I appreciate it, especially with him being under the weather

Attention to DetailCommunication

Steph L.

I love that you're so amazing with him! He loves butt scratches by the way lol. Thank you : )


Barbara W.

Thanks so much! We're out of the country so it's nice to know piper has a friend this week!

CommunicationAttention to Detail

Ryan F.

I know I sound like a broken record but I'm sorry. I really am trying to work with him.

Barbara W.

Thanks Jen! Little guy can be pretty stubborn, thanks for being patient with him :)

Steph L.

Thanks Jen. I don't know what happened; i'll definitely be reporting to the office

Steph L.

I love this photo! I’m so happy he’s made a new friend! Thanks Jen!


Becca O.

thank you!! i was so nervous for his first day with me at work.

Steph L.

Sorry he was being so crazy today! We appreciate you so much!

CommunicationPhotoAttention to Detail

Barbara W.

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