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“Attention to Detail”



Thank you! Sorry about the difficulty in finding the apartment! It is a bit weird so tried to make the directions as clear as possible. Thanks for taking care of our guys. Enjoy Mother’s Day!


Will C.

She has not been doing so well at night so I am so glad to hear that. If she is still enjoying her walks, it means she is still hanging in there. Thank you for all the love you give Nya.

TimelinessCommunicationRoutePhotoAttention to Detail

Chris H.

Thanks for taking such good care of our critters! Also, we have cleaners for the apartments that come and they sweep our outside steps and take away the poo sometimes. 🐶😺


Will C.

I keep meaning to write that we love Nate! Luli has quite a crush on him and is always rather coy and bashful when he arrives. They are a very cute twosome 💕

PhotoTimelinessCommunicationAttention to DetailRoute

Isabelle (Bella) C.

Thank you soo much for the wonderful care. Sorry for the parking, Feel free to use our parking pad from now on if needed. Linus loves when you visit.


Thomas G.

Thank you So much for your lovely note. It meant a lot to both of us You will be missed big time!!! We’d love to have your info for pet sitting!

TimelinessCommunicationRoutePhotoAttention to Detail

Tina B.

It’s fine you came early! We actually don’t mind that we just didn’t want to set it too early where a walker wouldn’t want to take his walk!

TimelinessAttention to Detail

Will C.

Awesome. Thank you, we want to regulate his weight a bit more after his last vet appointment and we no longer free feed.

Attention to DetailCommunicationTimelinessPhotoRoute

Thomas G.

Thanks for picking up Linus’ walks recently. It’s been a huge help and I know Linus always enjoys your company

TimelinessCommunicationPhotoAttention to DetailRoute

Thomas G.

Nate is the most caring and patient walker. My family is so happy and lucky to have met Nate. Thanks so much

CommunicationTimelinessRouteAttention to DetailPhoto

Chris H.

Thanks, Nate. I am actually going to be home tomorrow for drs apts but we will definitely need you on thurs.

TimelinessCommunicationRoutePhotoAttention to Detail

Chris H.

Thanks, Nathan! And yea, she snuck something on our morning walk, so I'm not surprised about an upset tum.

RouteAttention to Detail

Sarah T.

Thank you very much for the extra time used and needed in Linus’ first walk

Thomas G.

Linus looks forward to each and every walk he takes with you!! Thank you!!

CommunicationAttention to DetailRoutePhotoTimeliness

Thomas G.

Sorry for the inconvenience today and thanks for your patience !!

CommunicationAttention to DetailTimeliness

Steph L.

Thank you so much for giving our girl lots of love! Heather

Chris H.

You are the best Nate! Nya responds so good to you!

Chris H.

Thank you!!!! Linus loves going on walks with you

CommunicationAttention to DetailTimeliness

Thomas G.

You're the best, Nate! Have a wonderful weekend!

TimelinessCommunicationRoutePhotoAttention to Detail

Chris H.

Thank you for walking on such short notice !

Steph L.


  • Barkly Academy Graduate

  • background-checked

    Background Checked


  • Walked Elderly Dogs

  • 500+

    Over 500+ Walks

  • Walked Multiple Dogs At Once

Neighborhoods I Walk

  • Abell
  • Armistead Gardens
  • Baltimore Highlands
  • Barclay
  • Bellona-Gittings
  • Bolton Hill
  • Brewers Hill
  • Butcher's Hill
  • Canton
  • Canton Industrial Area
  • Charles North
  • Charles Village
  • Cheswolde
  • Cross Country
  • Cross Keys
  • Downtown
  • Eastwood
  • Ednor Gardens-Lakeside
  • Federal Hill
  • Fells Point
  • Gay Street
  • Glen Oaks
  • Greektown
  • Guilford
  • Harlem Park
  • Harwood
  • Heritage Crossing
  • Highlandtown
  • Hillen
  • Hollins Market
  • Homeland
  • Inner Harbor
  • Jonestown
  • Joseph Lee
  • Kenilworth Park
  • Keswick
  • Locust Point
  • Locust Point Industrial Area
  • Loyola - Notre Dame
  • Madison Park
  • McElderry Park
  • Medford
  • Mid-Govans
  • Mid-Town Belvedere
  • Middle East
  • Morrell Park
  • Mount Vernon
  • Mount Washington
  • New Northwood
  • North Harford Road
  • North Roland Park - Poplar Hill
  • Oakenshawe
  • Orangeville
  • Original Northwood
  • Otterbein
  • Patterson Park
  • Patterson Place
  • Pen Lucy
  • Reservoir Hill
  • Ridgely Delight
  • Riverside
  • Roland Park
  • SBIC
  • Seton Hill
  • Sharp-Leadenhall
  • Southeast Baltimore
  • University of Maryland
  • Upper Fells Point
  • Upton
  • Washington Hill
  • Washington Village
  • Waverly
  • Woodbourne Heights
  • Woodring

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