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i trust Barkly with little Leo: my experience, and his, i believe, has generally been good, as he is happy to go with most, or warms-up quickly. this applies to most of our experiences, save for occasional time and walker confusion. Leo seems content while “mom” recovers (nothing contagious!).

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Penny M.

I can't say enough good things about Stefanie: She's communicative over little things, and goes out of her way when it's a bigger thing, and I'm so appreciative of how much she truly enjoys spending time with Bea and how wonderful she is with her.


Christina T.

Thanks for the thorough feedback on the walk! And the great care you're taking to keep her safe :-) I'd be happy to have you walk Snickers in the future!

CommunicationAttention to Detail

Lisa B.

Thanks for the detail! He had a big weekend so he may have just wanted to go inside to get back to sleep! But he definitely needed the long walk.

TimelinessCommunicationRoutePhotoAttention to Detail

Lauren C.

Thanks for being so attentive to Lennon! He LOVES being outside and it’s today you went above and beyond to let him enjoy his outside time

TimelinessCommunicationRouteAttention to DetailPhoto

Alie M.

I always love reading Stefanie’s recaps. I truly believe she loves spending time with Lennon. He wants to know if we can adopt her.

TimelinessCommunicationPhotoAttention to DetailRoute

Alie M.

She was kind enough to take it upon herself to put a perishable package in our fridge. Now THAT’S service! What a great dog walker.

Attention to Detail

Tracy F.

In the future I’d appreciate if Pete could be walked during the requested time, so his afternoon wait isn’t so long. Thx!

Julie N.

Stefanie takes great care of my fur babies, every time she walks them I know they are in great hands.

TimelinessCommunicationRoutePhotoAttention to Detail

Kiersten T.

Thank you so much for having patience with him! He does get scared easily! Thank you!!

Yesenia J.

Whimpering when you walk in saved for special people. He must REALLY love seeing you!!

TimelinessCommunicationRouteAttention to DetailPhoto

Alie M.

Youre Fantastic ! Thanks so much, wed be happy to have you walk our baby again :)

Taylor K.

Thank you, Stefanie! We are so grateful to know you are checking on them :)

TimelinessCommunicationPhotoAttention to Detail

Pascale R.

So glad it went well and love the pic! Do you/does Barkly do overnights?

Laura F.

Thanks for picking her up and taking her out! I really appreciate it!

CommunicationAttention to Detail

Lisa B.

Thanks for doing such a great job with Snickers - for your 1st time!

CommunicationAttention to Detail

Lisa B.

I cannot thank Stefanie enough for taking such good care of Crosby.

Attention to Detail

Amelia K.

Thx for the info, sorry @ the D! He’s been eating grass lately...

Julie N.

Thanks for keeping me informed about what's going on her!

Attention to DetailCommunication

Lisa B.

That is absolutely wonderful! I'm thrilled to hear it.

Attention to DetailCommunication

Lisa B.


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Neighborhoods I Walk

  • Alta Vista
  • American University Park
  • Arcola
  • Arlington North
  • Arlington South
  • Barnaby Woods
  • Battery Lane
  • Bethesda Center
  • Bethesda Row
  • Brightwood
  • Brookside Forest
  • Cathedral Heights
  • Chestnut Ridge
  • Chevy Chase
  • Cleveland Park
  • College Heights
  • Colonial Village
  • Downtown Wheaton
  • East Springbrook
  • Fairland Heights
  • Forest Glen
  • Four Corners
  • Friendship Heights
  • Glenallen
  • Goodacre Knolls
  • Halpine
  • Hawthorne
  • Highland View
  • Hillandale Forest
  • Hillandale Heights
  • Hungerford-Stoneridge
  • International Corridor
  • Kent
  • Kilmarock
  • Kirkwood
  • Langley
  • Lewisdale
  • Linden
  • Manor Park
  • McLean Gardens
  • Montgomery Hills
  • North Cleveland Park
  • North Kensington
  • Northwest
  • Northwood Forest
  • Parkview Hills
  • Pearl District
  • Potomac Heights
  • Quaint Acres
  • Queens Chapel Manor
  • Randolph Hills
  • Rolling Acres
  • Seven Oaks
  • Shepherd Park
  • Sligo Park Hills
  • South Bethesda
  • South Kensington
  • Spring Valley
  • Stephen Knolls
  • Stratton Woods
  • Sunset Terrace
  • Takoma
  • Tenleytown
  • The Palisades
  • Wakefield
  • Wesley Heights
  • Westgate
  • Wheaton Hills
  • White Oak
  • Wickford
  • Wildwood
  • Wisconsin North
  • Woodmont Triangle
  • Woodside
  • Woodside Forest
  • Wyngate

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