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“Attention to Detail”





Yes, closer to 2pm is fine! We just wanted consistency each day to be able to buzz walkers in the door. If it’s closer to 2:30 you might have to buzz the office some days to let you inside the building as I can’t promise I’ll be available then. Thanks for walking Lela!


Sara Z.

THat's great! Also, if you go down hill on Cathedral you'll get to a couple of trails - she loooooves the one on the right (but it is a little scooshy-muddy sometimes, so make sure you are wearing good shoes!) Thanks so much!

Kelly J.

Thank you Rebecca! Little Alex is back on track because of you. I will schedule the next set of walks starting the week of January 7th. Happy holidays!

kelly a.

Yes, he's really a very tiny little guy under all that hair. We will do better with keeping him groomed so he doesn't have to be so naked:(

kelly a.

Thanks for taking a little extra time with Rosie today! With all the rain this week, she's got lots of energy to get out!


Kelsey G.

Too funny- she was on a sniffing mission during her evening walk too! Thanks for being patient and letting her explore!

Attention to DetailPhoto

Kelsey G.

Thx for the great walk! Generally I prefer him to be walked a bit later so the afternoon wait isn’t so long. Thx.

Julie N.

Yes, Alex has been doing really well lately. The daily walks/ daycare have helped tremendously. Thank you!

kelly a.

Great idea on the envelope! Thanks for taking Rosie on such a good walk despite the nasty weather (again!)

Attention to DetailCommunicationPhoto

Kelsey G.

Treats are always fine! She somehow knows exactly where those are and makes a beeline for the desk :)

PhotoAttention to Detail

Kelsey G.

Ugh. I am so sorry!!! Thank you again for cleaning that up. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

kelly a.

Thank you and have a great Thanksgiving- Rosie can't wait to see you again next week!


Kelsey G.

Thanks for coming at preferred time and for walking her consistent with her training!

TimelinessAttention to Detail

Christopher S.

Please feel free to use the training treats from box on counter top! Thx much.

Julie N.

Great trick for getting Rosie to wear her harness- not an easy task!

Attention to Detail

Kelsey G.

No worries--that jacket doesn't fit her and I need to exchange it!


Peter B.

Thanks for the heads up- I will keep an eye on her this weekend!

Attention to DetailCommunication

Kelsey G.

Thank you so much for working with her on 'drop it'- so helpful!

TimelinessPhotoAttention to Detail

Kelsey G.

Ah, that's great - she looks so happy! Thanks again, as always!

Kelly J.

Yes, you can definitely put a dry pamper back on Alex. Thanks!

kelly a.


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