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“Attention to Detail”

She went above and beyond. Unfortunately my building had a temp working the front desk. Wendy waited to ensure my puppy got let out. She's a great communicator. Do not hesitate to book her.

Michael S.

Thanks for the detail - she is obsessed with food, which we are addressing with the vet. Hopefully, she'll be less food driven soon.

CommunicationAttention to Detail

Lisa B.

I love this picture! Thank you for the detailed information on Snickers. I look forward to reading the report everyday!

PhotoAttention to Detail

Lisa B.

We will be out of town the next week, but look foe us the following week! Thanks for all you do, Hux loves you :)


Taylor K.

Called to make sure she gave the right amount of food, SO nice and took a great pic of our little guy. thank you so much!

CommunicationTimelinessPhotoAttention to Detail

andrea l.

Thanks Wendy - by the way, I think your daughter left her mittens here. Feel free to stop by and get them anytime.


Lisa B.

Thanks for letting me know about the bump on her leg. I have a vet appt on Monday and will let them know!

CommunicationAttention to Detail

Lisa B.

Thank you for the walk Wendy! Hux looks so happy and healthy. Glad everything went super smoothly :)

TimelinessCommunicationRoutePhotoAttention to Detail

Taylor K.

Wendy is extremely good when walking Yuki she asks the right questions and take good care of Yuki!

Attention to Detail

Magdali A.

Thank you and sorry about the pee!! He does that when he is really, really excited!! Thanks Wendy!

TimelinessCommunicationRoutePhotoAttention to Detail

Kevin M.

I really appreciate the detailed description! Thank you so much! I'm glad Holly had a nice time :)

TimelinessPhotoAttention to DetailCommunicationRoute

Amy W.

Thank you so much!! Deeply grateful for the detailed information, drops and adorable picture :-)

PhotoCommunicationAttention to Detail

Lisa B.

Thanks so much! She is not a fan of the harness but we're working on making her happier with it!

Attention to DetailTimelinessRoutePhotoCommunication

Krysta C.

That's great that you got Snickers to walk further - I find it challenging sometimes. Thanks!

CommunicationPhotoAttention to Detail

Lisa B.

Thanks for your feedback! I'll check her nec. Glad to have you as part of Snickers team.

CommunicationAttention to Detail

Lisa B.

Thank you! She's a little shy at first but usually relaxes the moment you step outside.

TimelinessCommunicationAttention to DetailPhoto

Krysta C.

Thank you so much for the detailed description! I'm glad Holly was a good girl! :)

TimelinessCommunicationRouteAttention to DetailPhoto

Amy W.

Thanks for your patience with Snicks! Call me f you have any issues tomorrow.

Lisa B.

Thank you for keeping in touch! Macchiato was so pleased to see you.

CommunicationAttention to Detail

Jane A.

She's very reliable and communicates as much as you need.

Michael S.


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  • Walked 100lb+ Dog

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    Over 500+ Walks

  • Walked Multiple Dogs At Once

Neighborhoods I Walk

  • Alta Vista
  • American University Park
  • Arcola
  • Arlington North
  • Arlington South
  • Barnaby Woods
  • Battery Lane
  • Bethesda Center
  • Bethesda Row
  • Brentwood
  • Brightwood
  • Brightwood Park
  • Brookland
  • Brookside Forest
  • Cathedral Heights
  • Catholic University
  • Chestnut Ridge
  • Chevy Chase
  • Cleveland Park
  • College Heights
  • Colonial Village
  • Columbia Heights
  • Crestwood
  • Downtown Wheaton
  • Dupont Circle
  • East Springbrook
  • Ellaville
  • Fairland Heights
  • Forest Glen
  • Forest Hills
  • Fort Lincoln
  • Fort Totten
  • Four Corners
  • Friendship Heights
  • Glenallen
  • Goodacre Knolls
  • Halpine
  • Hawthorne
  • Highland View
  • Hillandale Forest
  • Hillandale Heights
  • Hungerford-Stoneridge
  • International Corridor
  • Kalorama
  • Kent
  • Kilmarock
  • Kirkwood
  • Langdon
  • Langley
  • Lewisdale
  • Linden
  • Manor Park
  • McLean Gardens
  • Michigan Park
  • Montgomery Hills
  • Mount Pleasant
  • North Cleveland Park
  • North Kensington
  • North Michigan Park
  • Northwest
  • Northwood Forest
  • Park View
  • Parkview Hills
  • Pearl District
  • Petworth
  • Pleasant Hill
  • Potomac Heights
  • Quaint Acres
  • Queens Chapel Manor
  • Randolph Hills
  • Riggs Park
  • Rolling Acres
  • Seven Oaks
  • Shepherd Park
  • Sixteenth Street Heights
  • Sligo Park Hills
  • South Bethesda
  • South Kensington
  • Spring Valley
  • Stephen Knolls
  • Stratton Woods
  • Stronghold
  • Sunset Terrace
  • Takoma
  • Tenleytown
  • The Palisades
  • Wakefield
  • Wesley Heights
  • Westgate
  • Wheaton Hills
  • White Oak
  • Wickford
  • Wildwood
  • Wisconsin North
  • Woodley Park
  • Woodmont Triangle
  • Woodridge
  • Woodside
  • Woodside Forest
  • Wyngate

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