Dog Walkers on Barkly Cost $15 to $21 in 20146

Average price for 30-minutes, one dog

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Dog Walking Prices

Things to consider when comparing dog walking prices

Walk Duration

Time is certainly the most common factor for how much you’ll pay for your dog walks. The shortest dog walk length is typically 15 minutes, and the longest can stretch to 2 hours or even longer. The most common walk duration is 30 minutes. Hour long dog walks are also very common. Most dog walkers structure their services with tiered pricing. The most common tiered pricing for Barkly dog walkers is:

  • 30 minute walk: $18
  • 60 minute walk: $28

It is up to you as the pet owner to determine the appropriate walk duration for your dog. Consider your dog’s age and demeanor. If you have a puppy, you may need a couple shorter walks each day, while an older dog may need a long walk in the middle of the day while you’re at work.

How many pets do you have?

If you have multiple dogs, you already know that the costs of your pets can quickly add up. With two dogs, you’re buying double the dog food, double the dog toys, and of course the costs of care for your dogs go up as well. Most dog walkers do charge extra for additional pets. The average charge for a second dog on a Barkly walk is $5, but the prices for walking additional dogs can range by individual walker from just a couple of dollars upwards of $10.

Where do you live?

The costs of living across the country can differ drastically, and not surprisingly, dog walking prices similarly vary by region. In large cities dog walker’s prices can even vary by the neighborhood. The costs of a dog walker in cities like Washington, DC and New York City are more expensive than in cities with lower living costs. For example:

  • Average 30 minute Barkly walk in New York City: $20
  • Average 30 minute Barkly walk in Washington, DC: $18
  • Average 30 minute Barkly walk in San Jose, CA: $16

Your dog walker’s experience

Like with any professional service, and especially considering that the walker you choose will be spending time with your dog, experience matters and comes at a cost! Dog walkers with years of experience, or additional certifications, insurance, and credentials will often charge more for their services than novice walkers who are just getting started with their dog walking career. Depending on you and your dog’s needs, you may be fine with someone just starting out, but if your dog has special needs or requires an experienced hand, you can expect to pay more for the right dog walker.

Our Tips

While pricing is an important element to choosing a dog walker, it’s certainly not the only factor. Carefully review all of the available information about the dog walker you wish to hire. Take advantage of other tools available to you in the Barkly app, like requesting a free meeting with walkers, and even book your first walks while you’re home to make sure that your dog and their new walker are a perfect match.

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