Barkly Pets Dog Walking Prices

The most competitive prices available for premium and private pet care. Schedule ahead to take advantage of significant savings for your 30 minute and 60 minute long dog walks and cat visits.

Pre-scheduled On-demand*
Other Cities New York
$16 $18 $22 $24 1 Dog
$21 $22 $28 $30 2 dogs

½ hour walk

$28 $30 $35 $38 1 Dog
$35 $40 $44 $50 2 dogs

1 hour walk

* On-demand: a walk of this category is a walk booked with less than 24 hours notice.

* Scheduled Walks canceled with less than 12 hours will be charged full price. On-demand walks canceled over an hour after being booked will also be charged full price.

Exclusive Rewards for Frequent Users

Most dogs need walks several times a day. Our packages offer rewards for our most frequent customers. These packages are perfect for the young puppy or active dog needing regular exercise.

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