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Dog Walker in Alexandria, VA

Hello :) My name is Melanie and I'm excited to be your walker for today! I have lived with dogs for a long time and have a lot of experience taking care of them. I've owned 2 dogs and fostered one cat and my biggest priority when taking care of someone's fur baby is making sure that they are comfortable,safe, and having a good time :) See Profile

5.00 (4 reviews)

Dog Walker in Alexandria, VA

I am an avid animal lover. I have owned an Eskipoo for 2 years and absolutely love him! I also have some experience walking up to 5 dogs at the same time. As a walker, you can expect me to be punctual, professional, and thorough with my work. I will make sure to give your pet a quality time! See Profile

5.00 (7 reviews)

Dog Walker in Alexandria, VA

Hello! My name is Briana I am a student specializing in a medical STEM hoping to go into the veterinary field. I love dogs of all sizes an all ages! In fact I am a mother of two (Jes a Maltese Terrier who is older and Lexy a Labrador puppy who has just began her wonderful life). I have been dog sitting, walking, and grooming for years (5 approximately) it started out as watching dogs in the proximity of their owners then being paid to walk them, babysit them for weeks, or groom them. I have first aid experience with dogs just Incase your dog might need any assistance and I am prepped to work alongside any accommodations your dog might need such as frequent water breaks or decreased movement... See Profile

5.00 (6 reviews)

Dog Walker in Alexandria, VA

Hello, My name is Anaba Wachuku. Currently, I am an EMR consultant, but attending the Onsite Full stack Boot Camp at Coding Dojo. I've grown up with and around dogs my whole life, and have had a natural affinity for animals. I don't recall a time when I haven't had a dog or ferret(s), or fish in my house. My two boys are Simba a big headed Rottweiler, and Bandit a cuddly fluff of Pomeranian banditry  (white). A couple of years ago, I trained Simba for a dog show competition doing protection and obedience training. Simba and I went on to win first place in the obedience category, and a couple other awards also for the fashion show category. Bandit loves to go on walks and claim his territory... See Profile

5.00 (1 reviews)

Dog Walker in Alexandria, VA

DC resident, Cat mama, and animal lover. Knowledgeable about DC neighborhoods and surrounding areas. Pet owner my entire life and up for caring for pets of all sizes and temperaments. See Profile

4.99 (72 reviews)

Customer Reviews

We left the wrong keys for Katherine and she couldn't get into the apartment. Even with that, Katherine was professional and kind and willing to stay around and still walk and love our puppy. If I could speak to a Barkly manager, I would say nothing ...

Alex G.

Thanks! That's a good walk for her... it's pretty much the standard one I do for her too, over to Starbucks and then around the Lost Dog Cafe. Another good one is on the walking paths behind Braddock Road Metro. Thanks a lot.

Mark N.

Kristin was awesome as usual! Gave such a great, detailed recap of her time with Rocky and is really helping me with the leash training he's going through. Thank you, Kristin!

Kate K.

Hey, thanks Tori. I think she really does like you - at least, as much as she liked anyone who has to wake her up. :) Seriously thanks for walking her regularly, it's great.

Mark N.

Thank you so much Samantha! You always do a great job with Cashmere. And thank you for taking care of the blender for me. Cashmere and I appreciate all that you do! :0)

Iris G.

Thanks so much for such great feedback about Sookie! She is definitely timid so I'm trying to get a more consistent walker. And I'm glad you liked my place :)

Kathy O.

Thank you for the feedback on Cashmere! I know she is something else. Hopefully, she will come out and play during your next get acquainted visit. :0)

Iris G.

Thank you! I'm glad you got closer to Cashmere this time. Sorry, she hissed at you. But, it's gotten better and a step in the right direction. :0)

Iris G.

Thank you! Sorry, Cashmere has her moments at times when she doesn't want to come out and play. Hopefully, next time she'll come out and say hello.

Iris G.

Another great day of pup care by Sara! She is excellent with her communication and Rocky clearly loved her! Very grateful for her care and kindness.

Kate K.

Thank you so much for taking him this week! It seems like Milo adores you 😊 we’ll be sure to request you again the next time he’s up here with me.

Shannon R.

Thank you Samantha! I'm so glad that you and Cashmere had a nice visit together. She's definitely opening up more, so I'm so grateful for that.

Iris G.

Thank you Megan! Yes, Cashmere tends to get upset when I'm away for too long. I'll be back soon. Thank you for taking such good care of her.

Iris G.

Cheryl was excellent and made us feel very comfortable with our puppy's first walk with a stranger. Hope we could have her walk our pup again

Alex G.

Thank you! It may take a little time for Cashmere to warm up to you. But I really appreciate your efforts to get her comfortable. :0)

Iris G.

Aw. I bet she is starting to like you! Did she do the jumping around on the couch thing? :) Seriously thanks Tori. Appreciate it.

Mark N.

Aw, that's great. It sounds like she really looks forward to seeing you! Thanks for what you're doing, I appreciate it.

Mark N.

Aw. Thanks Victoria. I gave her her heart worm pill and flea and tick pill today too, so maybe that was hitting her.

Mark N.

Thank you Samantha! Cashmere looks so happy with playtime today. Even though she's still shy, I'm sure she had fun.

Iris G.

Aw. Thanks Victoria. Sometimes she doesn't like the rain and humidity. She looks cozy on the couch. Appreciate it.

Mark N.

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Barkly Pets Dog Facts About King St Metro-Eisenhower Ave


Labrador Retriever

The most popular breed in King St Metro-Eisenhower Ave is the Labrador Retriever. This neighborhood has more dog walks with Labrador Retrievers than any other breed.


1.32 miles

Barkly Pets dog walkers in King St Metro-Eisenhower Ave walk an average distance of 1.32 miles. This distance is above average in comparison to the overall Barkly Pets average walk distance by 0.09 miles.

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