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Potomac Yard-Potomac Greens dog walkers in your neighborhood.

Dog Walker in Alexandria, VA

Hi, my name is Monica Alvarenga. I have worked with Barkly and Barkly Pets for more than two years. I love all animals, specially dogs, cats and birds. I love the way they respond to kindness. I'm happy when they are happy. I would love to meet you all !!!! See Profile

4.99 (1738 reviews)

Dog Walker in Alexandria, VA

Professional, fun-loving walker and animal lover with 25+ years of dog handling/caring/owning experience. As a Barkly pet professional, I strive to provide an excellent service to all parties involved when taking care of your four-legged loved one 🐕 :) See Profile

4.99 (566 reviews)

Dog Walker in Alexandria, VA

Hi my name is Shannon and I’m a long time animal lover! I currently work part time and have a very flexable schedule. I have owned cats and Belgian Malinois in the past. I am not a current dog owner, but do have a very spunky, tailless cat. I've done a lot of informal dog sitting and greatly enjoy it! I am comfortable with all types of dogs. I hope to meet you and your furry friends soon! See Profile

5.00 (526 reviews)

Dog Walker in Alexandria, VA

Not only did I grow up in a large family, I grew up on the closest thing to a farm in Suburbia Maryland. My pets included a Golden Retriever (Prince Albert Jr, Aboo for short), two rabbits, a guinea pig, a hamster, two mice, turtles (when they could be found) and several fish. There were clear expectations of shared chores including dog walking and pet care. I am an animal lover in general but have a special place in my heart for dogs. I await the day when I can have my own again! I am reliable, responsible and energetic, and on the days that I am not dog walking, I work as an Executive Assistant for an Internal Medicine practice. Over the past 30 years I have gained much experience walking... See Profile

4.99 (402 reviews)

Dog Walker in Alexandria, VA

Hello! My name is Nick and I look forward to meeting your 4-legged family member! I have a lifetime of experience with dogs and am a pet lover through and through. I've personally had many different breeds from Rottweilers to teacup yorkies and everything in between. I will provide your dog with a safe, secure and fun visit. I hope to meet your pet soon! Have a great day! See Profile

4.99 (353 reviews)

Customer Reviews

Shannon was a life-saver on a morning when my leasing office opened later than usual. She assisted me in changing my dog’s appointment time right away and got into the apartment a few min early since our appointment was delayed. You can rely on Shann...

Jillian D.

Shannon was so communicative the day before and day of the walk. She gave me moment-by-moment updates when I asked for them and was nice enough to check Ziva's crate for wetness and leave a light on for her. Ziva and I highly recommend Shannon!

Jillian D.

Roman was really great at communicating (we texted night before and day of), and was very understanding of a new puppy's route and unpredictability. Ziva seemed very comfortable with him as well!

Jillian D.

Monica always calls or let’s us know when she notices anything odd or different with our dogs, especially if they have been a little sick. Really appreciate the special attention

Lillian F.

Thank you for getting to Ziva so quickly when a situation arose with limited access to the apartment key! I appreciated the clear communication and detailed notes about the walk.

Jillian D.

Very responsible and mindful of our security. Always makes sure she guards the key well and reaches out if she sees anything out of the ordinary at home. Very helpful!

Lillian F.

Thanks Rebecca and such a lovely note. I know Ella looks forward to the walk to break up her day. Such a cute picture you took as well. Thanks again!

Heather K.

Morgan was awesome in being proactive by letting me know that she received my updated note regarding Mitsy's injury. Thank you so much!!!

Kirstin B.

Fantastic walker and was so great about a last minute schedule change. Really appreciate the flexibility today.

Heather K.

Thank you for always watching how our senior dog is feeling and making sure he is comfortable with the walk.

Lillian F.

Thanks so much Nate! Appreciate these notes on the walk. Will be scheduling more walks in the near future.

Heather K.

Thank you Amel as always. Such a pleasure to see all the great pictures you take of my little girl.

Heather K.

Thank you Amel. I know it was freezing for the both of you. I know she loves her time with you.

Heather K.

I really appreciated the thorough note afterwards! I am glad to know Mitsy was in good hands.

Kirstin B.

Thanks Shannon! Always love your comments and pics. I know she’s so happy to see you as well.

Heather K.

Thanks so much for being so helpful with Dudley! Hopefully we can make this a regular thing!

Renee B.

Went above and beyond to get our dogs out in the rain as well as settled back in post walk.

Lillian F.

Thank you for trying to make due of an ugly weather situation. Really appreciate it.

Heather K.

First ever walk with Barkly and Sara did an excellent job keeping me informed!

Jonathan M.

Thank you Jen for being so great with Piper and reinforcing her training. :-)

Daneaya W.

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345 credits


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Barkly Pets Dog Facts About Potomac Yard-Potomac Greens


Labrador Retriever

The most popular breed in Potomac Yard-Potomac Greens is the Labrador Retriever. This neighborhood has more dog walks with Labrador Retrievers than any other breed.


1.27 miles

Barkly Pets dog walkers in Potomac Yard-Potomac Greens walk an average distance of 1.27 miles. This distance is above average in comparison to the overall Barkly Pets average walk distance by 0.04 miles.

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