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Locust Point Industrial Area’s Top 5 Walkers

Locust Point Industrial Area dog walkers in your neighborhood.

Dog Walker in Baltimore, MD

Hello :) My name is Melanie and I'm excited to be your walker for today! I have lived with dogs for a long time and have a lot of experience taking care of them. I've owned 2 dogs and fostered one cat and my biggest priority when taking care of someone's fur baby is making sure that they are comfortable,safe, and having a good time :) See Profile

5.00 (4 reviews)

Dog Walker in Baltimore, MD

Hi, my name is Maggie and I am excited to be a Barkly Pets walker! I have experience walking all sorts of dogs from the extremely energetic to the very mellow and the super skittish. Growing up my favorite siblings were my family's golden retriever and a black lab. I am a Social Work graduate student at University of Maryland and dog walking is the best study break I could imagine! I can't wait to meet all my new doggie friends. See Profile

4.99 (36 reviews)

Dog Walker in Baltimore, MD

Hey my name is Corey an I have been working working for Barkly for over a year now so I have a lot experience and also I have to 2 dogs myself and my whole life I have grew up around animal so I'm very experienced with animals . See Profile

4.98 (78 reviews)

Dog Walker in Baltimore, MD

I'm a lifelong dog lover and owner with a wide range of pet care experience. In addition to owning German Shepherds, my first job was at a private animal shelter, feeding, medicating, and cleaning up after a wide array of dogs and cats. I have experience with large and small breeds alike, and I love hanging out with all of them! See Profile

4.98 (27 reviews)

Dog Walker in Baltimore, MD

I've been with Barkly since they launched in Baltimore Fall/Summer of 2015 but I've loved dogs and all animals my whole life. I grew up always having a dog and pet sitting for family and friends. I volunteered for a rescue organization for a while exercising the dogs. Working for Barkly has been absolutely amazing, who doesn't love playing with puppies?! See Profile

4.99 (25 reviews)

Customer Reviews

I keep meaning to write that we love Nate! Luli has quite a crush on him and is always rather coy and bashful when he arrives. They are a very cute twosome 💕

Isabelle (Bella) C.

Oh man, I’m all too familiar with her longing gaze out the front door! I’m sure she was so thrilled to see you! Thank you Alison. 💕

Missy M.

Thank you for all you do for Honey! Congrats on your CPR certification! I know my girl is in the best hands when she’s with you. ❤️

Missy M.

Such a wonderful note! You can tell Thomaa really paid close attention to AJ and her behavior. Really awesome!

Jessica G.

Thank you for everything, especially for taking care of Honey while I try to take care of myself! You rock!

Missy M.

Omg your pictures are so great! Love this. So glad to hear you guys had room to roam at the park today.

Missy M.

Thanks! Yes we let her play in the dog park. Depending on which dogs are there she may play or may not

Caroline B.

Thomas always does a great job and leaves nice walk reports for us. Thanks for the good service.

Luke P.

First time with Macon and she did an excellent job. Loved the multiple pictures and updates.

Luke P.

Just wondering, did Gumbo actually go #2? He almost never goes during walks.

Lauren V.

Thomas is great! Very friendly and Luli has taken to him very happily.

Isabelle (Bella) C.

Love hearing about her adventure with you!!! Thank you so much.

Missy M.

Thank you so much for taking care of bubba when she was sick!!!

Taylor S.

Thank you for keeping me in the loop regarding timing today!

Missy M.

I likes everything about your service and my walker.

Rand M.

Thanks for cleaning up after piper! Sorry about that!

Ryan F.

Thanks so much for dealing with all of our packages!

Lauren V.

Thanks for the long walk and detailed report Alison!

Luke P.

She’s a stubborn gal. Thank you for everything!!!

Missy M.

She’s such an anxious baby. Thank you Alison! 💕

Missy M.

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Barkly Pets Dog Facts About Locust Point Industrial Area



The most popular breed in Locust Point Industrial Area is the Goldendoodle. This neighborhood has more dog walks with Goldendoodles than any other breed.


1.06 miles

Barkly Pets dog walkers in Locust Point Industrial Area walk an average distance of 1.06 miles. This distance is below average in comparison to the overall Barkly Pets average walk distance by 0.17 miles.

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