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My name is Hope, and I believe that all dogs are good dogs- but everyone does better with enough exercise and companionship! Whether you need a daily dog walk, a quick stop by to feed the cat, or an overnight sitter while you’re out of town, I’m here to help! I’m thrilled to be the Sacramento area’s first walker approved to use the Barkly pet care platform. Check out my services on Barkly, or call 916-844-5910 (ask for Hope) to schedule a complementary meet and greet with your pets. See Profile

5.00 ( reviews)

Dog Walker in Folsom, CA

Hi my name is Mary I've had many many years of experiences with all of the animals that God made horses trained them raise them riding lessons to Pony Parties I've had and raised German Shepherds Maltese Lhasa Apsos Labradors and Queensland Heelers I have raised 7 kids I am fit a good girl and I love time currently a caregiver a work in the night from 9 till 9 in the morning I've been with this guy for three years we have a very good relationship and I'm looking for a day job because I'm trying to save up money to buy a home and to stay busy I love animals and I love nurturing both humans and animals See Profile

5.00 ( reviews)

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