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Dog Walker in Philadelphia, PA

Hello all! I thank you for glancing at my profile. I have been a proud walker for Barkly since January of 2018. Through my time I have been able to build relationships with customers of both the canine and feline type. My goal is to learn about your pet and custom tailor a repertoire that guarantees a purrfect visit every time. I look forward to catering to your pets needs and I promise a unique experience that will assure your buddy is in good hands and wIll look forward to seeing me walk through the door each and every time. 🙏🐕🐈 See Profile

4.99 (595 reviews)

Dog Walker in Philadelphia, PA

I'm a very patient and attentive walker, and I take Instagram-worthy shots of pups. I like learning the quirks and specific handling needs of each dog and making sure they're loved up while you're away from home. See Profile

5.00 (311 reviews)

Dog Walker in Philadelphia, PA

As a life-long animal lover and someone who grew up around 4-legged friends, I know that a dog isn’t just a pet, it’s a member of the family. Leaving them with a virtual stranger takes great trust, and I will do everything I can to earn and keep that trust. I've gone on hundreds of walks with dozens of different dogs, all different breeds, sizes, and personalities. Some walks I take are on-call with a dog I've never met, others are dogs I've gotten to know and love over a period of time. I can handle either just fine. My availability runs from late morning to night time. As a night owl, I have no problem taking a dog for a last-minute walk at 10 o'clock at night. I don't have any days tha... See Profile

5.00 (224 reviews)

Dog Walker in Philadelphia, PA

Hi! My name is Joe and I absolutely love dogs. Comfortable working with all breeds, shy dogs, large and small, I love them all. I have been with barkly for a period of 8 months, and have been a professional pet sitter and dog walker on my own for two years. Happy to meet you and your fur-child and discuss his or her needs at a time suitable to the client.

5.00 (993 reviews)

Dog Walker in Philadelphia, PA

Getting to work with dogs professionally, as a means to support myself, has been a true dream. With 5 years under my belt, I now gladly serve both Philadelphian and Manhattanite poochies. I especially love walking/trekking with active dogs, who are ready to tear up a few miles with me outdoors. I additionally work in food, fashion and the arts.

4.98 (272 reviews)

Customer Reviews

Thank you for taking care of him! And for the new command :) Just fyi, he's kind of a terrible dog to run with because he refuses to run most of the time, but you should definitely try - maybe he will get the hang of it!

Susan X.

Daphne is amazing! She was not intimidated in the least by Boricio. I definitely felt a sense of calm and control that I haven't felt with other walkers. I hope Daphne will be walking Boricio more!

Will F.

Sophia is/was great as always. We really appreciate when she walks Duke as she gives a thorough account of the experience.

Jeffrey L.

Thank you so much. He always helps my bad days feel a little less dismal too. I hope your week gets better.

Susan X.

thank you! :) there's an old blind dog on our floor who milo is a fan of since that dog is super chill haha

Susan X.

Thank you! And thanks for letting me know about the key.. weird! I'll try to find it. Happy eclipse day!

Susan X.

thank you very much! :) some days he just doesn't feel like walking and it's fine. happy thanksgiving!!

Susan X.

thank you :) :) i haven't seen the movie but he can definitely look up and he is definitely pudding :)

Susan X.

Yeah....he's been lazy and stubborn on walks. I'm taking him to a boarding school for most of july

Stephen V.

thank you for giving him so much love! <3 i think we met that funny golden retriever again today :)

Susan X.

Thank you! Sometimes he gets into a mood and doesn't feel like walking, but he should be fine. :)

Susan X.

Thank you for taking such great care of him :) I am always lying on the floor with him haha

Susan X.

Thanks so much! You were my first walker and I am very impressed with the service.

Eric C.

his ears perk up for food and interesting sounds! it's adorable cause they're huge

Susan X.

Thank you! He aaaalways tries to roll around in those bushes - I have no idea why!

Susan X.

thank you!! i am sure he was super excited to see you cause it's been a while!

Susan X.

Thank you :) those stairs are a lil sketchy hah. sorry about the elevator!

Susan X.

i'm so excited to hear that he warmed up to someone new!!! thank you :))

Susan X.

Thank you for dealing with the heat and wiping his butt :)

Susan X.

Sorry you got wet :( but thank you for taking him out!

Susan X.

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Barkly Pets Dog Facts About Callow Hill



The most popular breed in Callow Hill is the Beagle. This neighborhood has more dog walks with Beagles than any other breed.


1.12 miles

Barkly Pets dog walkers in Callow Hill walk an average distance of 1.12 miles. This distance is below average in comparison to the overall Barkly Pets average walk distance by 0.11 miles.

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