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Dog Walker in Philadelphia, PA

Hello all! I thank you for glancing at my profile. I have been a proud walker for Barkly since January of 2018. Through my time I have been able to build relationships with customers of both the canine and feline type. My goal is to learn about your pet and custom tailor a repertoire that guarantees a purrfect visit every time. I look forward to catering to your pets needs and I promise a unique experience that will assure your buddy is in good hands and wIll look forward to seeing me walk through the door each and every time. 🙏🐕🐈 See Profile

4.99 (593 reviews)

Dog Walker in Philadelphia, PA

Have had dogs since the day I was born and currently have a 7 year old beagle/hound named Ellie. I love being outside and developing relationships with all the dogs I walk. See Profile

4.97 (531 reviews)

Dog Walker in Philadelphia, PA

I'm a very patient and attentive walker, and I take Instagram-worthy shots of pups. I like learning the quirks and specific handling needs of each dog and making sure they're loved up while you're away from home. See Profile

5.00 (311 reviews)

Dog Walker in Philadelphia, PA

Hi! My name is Joe and I absolutely love dogs. Comfortable working with all breeds, shy dogs, large and small, I love them all. I have been with barkly for a period of 8 months, and have been a professional pet sitter and dog walker on my own for two years. Happy to meet you and your fur-child and discuss his or her needs at a time suitable to the client.

5.00 (993 reviews)

Dog Walker in Philadelphia, PA

Getting to work with dogs professionally, as a means to support myself, has been a true dream. With 5 years under my belt, I now gladly serve both Philadelphian and Manhattanite poochies. I especially love walking/trekking with active dogs, who are ready to tear up a few miles with me outdoors. I additionally work in food, fashion and the arts.

4.98 (272 reviews)

Customer Reviews

Christina the puppy whisperer was excellent! I highly recommend her for her friendliness and love for pets! She was punctual, kept us up to date with adorable pictures and had the sweetest things to say about franklin! She is always available even wh...

Nicole M.

Thank you, Kati! This is awesome to hear that he was great and welcoming to people! Love the light craziness too! He is such a funny guy! And gosh, can't figure out what set of stairs Dex is sniffing! He sniffs any and all steps around town! haha Tha...

Sheri G.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of our Rascalz! I love the picture so much. Glad to hear he listened to you. He’s a good listeners, but like all children can be hard headed sometimes. See you in the future. ❤️

Maggie M.

Thanks again for taking good care of our Rascalz and taking him to the park. He loves going and meeting new puppy friends or playing ball. Thanks for getting him fresh water and feeding him. Such a huge help.

Maggie M.

Thanks Jonathon! Not sure we will be using Barkly again before our move back to Alabama so let me just say thank you for taking great care of Rascalz for us and wish you the best!!!

Maggie M.

Thank you so much! He is a truly special guy & look forward to you getting to know him. We truly appreciate you being so atrentitive & communicative. Happy new year!

Cliff H.

Thank you for letting me know. He has never gone upstairs so I’m sure he didn’t go. Thankfully he went this morning. Thanks for taking care of our boy for us.

Maggie M.

Oh glad he didn't take off. He is pretty chill...except for crossing the road. He feels like he always has the right away. Thanks Joe for feeding him too!

Maggie M.

First walk. Easy to book, Jon let me know he was coming for scheduled walk, and then let me know when walk was done and that Percy enjoyed his walk.

Ruth C.

Great! That's typical Rascalz...taking his time finding the perfect spot! Thanks Jonathon. We will be needing some extra help next week.

Maggie M.

Thank you for taking good care of Oliver (aka “lil dude”) and for the pics... I think you should be a professional photographer!!:)

Rachel W.

Thank you so much. I know he gets hot so easily. I'm glad he did both his jobs for you and thanks for giving him some love. ❤️

Maggie M.

Hahaha, he has missed you too and I was wondering what you would think of the transformation. Glad you liked it.

Maggie M.

Lol, I know. Did he try to pull you into the road? Thanks for taking good care of him. I miss my boy.

Maggie M.

Awe thank you! He was pretty pooped after partying all night and taking a good walk with you. -Maggie

Maggie M.

Thank you for letting us know about the no items on the floor that werent hers, I'm so proud of her!

Jill M.

Thank you so much!!! I'm thrilled with the great communication. We are so blessed with Rascalz!

Maggie M.

So good to meet you in person! Sorry I was in a rush! Thanks for taking good care of my girl 💜

Erin D.

Thanks for the great feedback and Rascalz might growl or pull back, but he doesn’t bite.

Maggie M.

Thanks! I am so happy and impressed just from our first Barkley walk! Y'all are great!!!

Maggie M.

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Barkly Pets Dog Facts About Francisville


Labrador Retriever

The most popular breed in Francisville is the Labrador Retriever. This neighborhood has more dog walks with Labrador Retrievers than any other breed.


1.13 miles

Barkly Pets dog walkers in Francisville walk an average distance of 1.13 miles. This distance is below average in comparison to the overall Barkly Pets average walk distance by 0.10 miles.

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