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Dog Walker in New York, NY

Hello! My name is Jessica and I cannot wait to meet and care for your pet! As someone who has lived with and trained dogs of every size, I know the dedication and time it takes to be a pet parent. I am here to help take away the stress of having a pet in the bustling city and make sure your pet’s needs are met so both you and your furry friend are happy! See Profile

5.00 (336 reviews)

Dog Walker in New York, NY

Hi there! My name is Jennifer. I'm a student and dog mom to my adorable terrier mix, Oliver. I have owned at least one dog since I was 2 years old. They have ranged from Great Pyrenees to Dachshunds, all with a variety of personalities. I have also owned one cat and helped care for many of my friends' cats. I look forward to helping you to care for your furry partner(s) and hope to hear from you soon!

5.00 (106 reviews)

Dog Walker in New York, NY

Getting to work with dogs professionally, as a means to support myself, has been a true dream. With 5 years under my belt, I now gladly serve both Philadelphian and Manhattanite poochies. I especially love walking/trekking with active dogs, who are ready to tear up a few miles with me outdoors. I additionally work in food, fashion and the arts.

4.98 (272 reviews)

Dog Walker in New York, NY

Hey! My name is Jawn, I'm a part-time music teacher and Massage Therapy student. I have a sweet doggo named Corazón who I love so much and have a soft spot for all four-legged cuties. I believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect and animals are most definitely included in that philosophy. It would be my absolute pleasure to care for, walk, and spend time with your pet!

4.97 (87 reviews)

Dog Walker in New York, NY

Hi! I’m Lacye and I have a lifelong love for all animals but growing up with dogs has given me a special heart for dogs. I love all breeds and am excited to meet your dog.

4.95 (76 reviews)

Customer Reviews

So great. Thanks Ivonne for walking the guys all week. We appreciate it. You can always text if you have any questions.

Anna S.

I’m so sorry for the accident. I really think it’s the cold weather outside that causes this. I’m so sorry

Tracey K.

Awesome. Also, if they don’t have water in their bowl could you fill it from the sink? Thanks Ivonne.

Anna S.

thank you for closing the door. forgot they were filming on the roof today to let you know.

Janet B.

Thanks. And thanks again for Waking the guys in the new neighborhood.

Anna S.

Thanks. And I’ll have more treats ready for the new place.

Anna S.

Great. Glad they got some good sniffin in there.

Anna S.

Awesome. A great day for a walk indeed.

Anna S.

Awesome. Thanks for wiping those paws.

Anna S.

Looks like it was a good one. Thanks.

Anna S.

Super. Good day for a walk. Thanks.

Anna S.

Thanks. Frank does love to sniff.

Anna S.

Hope everyone stayed warm. Thanks

Anna S.

It’s getting warm out there.

Anna S.

Great. Thanks a lot Ivonne.

Anna S.

💩=👍 thanks for the walk.

Anna S.

Sorry! Meant to hit 5!

Tracey K.

Thank you so much!

Tracey K.

Hooray for poop.

Anna S.

Thanks Ivonne

Anna S.

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  • $30 for 60 minute private walks
  • Perfect for the energetic pup
  • 12 hour notice cancelation policy
  • Save 15% per walk with a walk package

Exclusive Rewards for Frequent Users

Most dogs need walks several times a day. Our packages offer rewards for our most frequent customers. These packages are perfect for the young puppy or active dog needing regular exercise.




220 credits


1 credit = $1. Package credits expire within 45 days of purchase.




345 credits


1 credit = $1. Package credits expire within 45 days of purchase.


Barkly Pets Dog Facts About Queens


Pit Bull

The most popular breed in Queens is the Pit Bull. This city has more dog walks with Pit Bulls than any other breed.


1.19 miles

Barkly Pets dog walkers in Queens walk an average distance of 1.19 miles. This distance is below average in comparison to the overall Barkly Pets average walk distance by 0.04 miles.


Hunters Point, Sunnyside, Astoria

The most popular neighborhood in New York is the Hunters Point/Sunnyside/Astoria area. This neighborhood has the most dog walks of any other neighborhood in New York.

How Dog Friendly is Queens?

30F3D5C4-CDA0-4ECD-B71F-A8BA2AFA8AB6Created with sketchtool.


#27 out of 100

Queens ranks #27 in the top 100 U.S. cities for parks per 100,000 residents, per the 2019 ParkScore. More parks in any given city means more squirrels to chase!

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Queens Dog Walking

A mostly residential borough with larger homes and lawns, Barkly walkers love the quiet, laid-back feel to the neighborhood that provides a nice break from the fast-pace of the rest of the city. The streets are mostly flat with plenty of leafy trees that make for pleasant walks throughout the year. It is also the largest borough by square mileage, and there is certainly no shortage of beautiful parks for pet owners to visit. Highland Park, Forest Park, and Flushing Meadows are just a few of our Barkly customer’s favorite places to take their dogs!

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